What are FOUR things you could do to put yourself through college?

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    veronicaadamsposted 18 months ago

    What are FOUR things you could do to put yourself through college?

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    tamarawilhiteposted 18 months ago

    Read the book "Debt Free U" for advice on how to receive scholarships and earn enough money to pay for college. Do not assume that debt is the solution.

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    peter565posted 18 months ago

    My advice, for anybody is that if u didn't work when u are a teenager, then once u turned 19 get a part time job. There is nothing more weird then an adult still depending on his/her parents financially, especially if u are a man. Even if u are from a rich family...dud...u are still an adult depending on ur parents financially and that is just sad, even if ur parents are Bill Gates, been able to be afford to be a trust fund baby might be cool and to actually be a trust fund baby when u are still a teen, might be cool, after all u are still a kid, no point of working then. But if u are an adult, and u are still choosing to be a trust fund baby, that is just sad, because there is nothing more sad, then an adult still depending on their parents financially. (The only reason bat man, been a trust fund baby, ain't sad, is because he is doing a very dangerous job saving the city from super villains, full time.)

    Plus, in the work force, kids that didn't support them self through college, very easily get label a spoil brat, by employer, u need to understand one thing, the adult world can frequently be a very intolerant and judgmental place. I get a mate of mine, his grandmother was really sick with cancer, when he was in uni, between 20~23 he ran between class and hospital and got no time to work, he didn't work as a teenager and worked 1 year when he was 19. But after his grandma died and he went search for a job, when employer look at his resume, they just simply assume he is some spoil brat, as a result, he is stuck in a dead end job working night shift in a patrol station, for the last 6 years, despite having 1 bachelor and 2 master degrees. He is currently looking into the possibility of getting his PhD and work as a researcher in the university, so he can, get out of this dead end job, but if he wants to do it, he still need to borrow money from his dad, since he is making minimum wage.