What does cheap look like to you in a everyday way?

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    threekeysposted 16 months ago

    What does cheap look like to you in a everyday way?


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    gmwilliamsposted 16 months ago


    A cheap person is a person w/a poverty &/or scarcity consciousness.  A cheap person is QUITE HAPPY being impoverished & in struggling socioeconomic circumstances.  A cheap person feels that h/she doesn't deserve better socioeconomic conditions.   A cheap person also maintains that being poor, impoverishment, & even penury are normative lifestyles.  A cheap person exists at the quintessential utilitarian state.  H/she feels that only the minimum, if that, should suffice.  H/she believes that one should only wants the rudiments & that anything beyond the rudiments is considered an extravagance.

    A cheap person doesn't believe in monetary expenditures.  H/she will spend the most minute amount of monies ever.  H/she will seek  the lowest, even inferior quality of items so that monies are saved  H/she views that spending more money is a waste.   H/she would rather do without rather than to expend monies.  H/she doesn't mind consuming inferior food, living in the cheapest neighborhoods, having inferior health/medical care, & wearing secondhand, even castoff clothing in order to save monies.

    There are many circumstances which cause people to be cheap.  Being poor &/or impoverished cause people to adopt a cheap/scarcity/ struggling consciousness as there isn't enough monies to go around, even for the necessities.   Also coming from a large/very large family results in people being cheap.  In large/very large families, there is very little monies for the rudiments, let alone anything else.  People from large/very families are used to going without & having inferior quality items whether it is food, clothing,  & medical/health care.  They view scarcity as a normal lifestyle.   They see socioeconomic affluence as an extravagance.  To them, poverty is quite fine & they are QUITE HAPPY w/being poor.

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    threekeysposted 16 months ago

    I dont know whether I would agree with you Grace that people who are in a tight financial situation/or who are poor are happy about their situation. Maybe given in or up.

    Cheap for me would mean when wealthy people give a relative a regifted present rewrapped in paper that has already been used for wrapping; and the poor person buys that wealthy person  a thoughtful or useful gift (even if from a discount store/chain) and wraps it beautifully both aesthetically and with care.