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When are we going to invade Mars?

  1. Cleanclover profile image47
    Cleancloverposted 16 months ago

    When are we going to invade Mars?

    Mars or any other planet, asteroids or anything habitable out there in space?

  2. Larry Slawson profile image97
    Larry Slawsonposted 16 months ago

    Well, according to NASA, we are scheduled to launch an unmanned mission to Mars in 2018, with a manned-mission scheduled for 2025.  So, it won't be long now haha.  Its very exciting to think about exploring different parts of our solar system like this.

  3. bradmasterOCcal profile image30
    bradmasterOCcalposted 16 months ago


    We couldn't even colonize the Moon in over 45 years, does that answer the question?
    And we have to bum a ride on a Soviet Rocket to get to the ISS.

  4. Anjili profile image82
    Anjiliposted 16 months ago

    It is healthy to explore and dream, but home is best and we always return home. We are not cut out to live on mars. There would be humans long before we got there. That planet is too harsh for habitation. It is only our earth that is habitable by human beings in their natural states.
    When we die, we qualify to dwell in heaven depending on our relationship with our creator.