Why did they do it ?

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    BdrlineBallerinaposted 9 months ago

    Why did they do it ?

    Why do people commit the crimes they do

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    Cleo Burchposted 9 months ago

    There are many different answers to this.

    One of them would be that the offender, or the person committing the crime is mentally ill or mentally disabled. They don't know that what they're doing and will most likely be sent to institutions to cater to their needs after committing their crimes.

    Another one is poverty. Females in poverty are highly likely to steal for their family given that they cannot provide for them. Other times, people just steal to profit off of it out of their own greed.

    Revenge is a big factor in a love of battery or murder charges. A lot of murders happen from those who are feuding, which isn't uncommon.

    Other people kill for love. When you're madly in love, someone can manipulate you into killing for them if you aren't thinking properly. Just today I heard about a woman who was in a gang that killed a witness to prevent her boyfriend from going to jail.

    This one, the most unfavorable, is that people can commit crimes to fuel their own sick fantasies, which is truly disgusting.