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why did you ask the question: why do people stay in bad relationships ?

  1. lapin profile image57
    lapinposted 7 years ago

    why did you ask the question:  why do people stay in bad relationships ?

    Also are men more likely to walk out on a bad relationship than women or do women stay longer in a bad relationship in the vague hope the partner will change ?


  2. lapin profile image57
    lapinposted 7 years ago

    My ex partner got complacent and thought I would always be there at his beck and call, and 26yrs of putting up with his "biker friends" one of his friends he "invited on the last 3 days of holiday and was extremely rude to me ( a really uncalled for comment, his friend had been rude in the past and I ignored it, the incident took place in a crowded restaurant, I walked out and back to hotel, my husband did'nt make his friend apologise, I asked ex who was more important his friend of 40yrs or his wife(me) 0f 20 plus yrs of marriage, he said his friend was worth more than me . the little love I had left for him died then, and he still couldn't understand after that and telling me that the physical side of marriage was at an end cos of his age, why I would find another man attractive ! also the fact that another man found me attractive, he commented don't you love me anymore, ? I told him I think you know the answer to that after "that holiday with your friend" !!! need I say more than that you only get rejected so many times, and its then time to re-evaluate ones life  and time to move on and be happy.  12months since ex and  I parted, my blood pressure is down  to normal and I haven't had a migraine in 12 months........enough said I think !

  3. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 7 years ago

    Some people would rather stick with what they know than make a change. Many of them convince themselves that the next person will be just as bad or worse than what they have. These people are negative and don't (really) believe there is anything out there better than what they have.
    "It takes courage to walk away from anything in life. "

    A lot of people are also lazy. They dread the thought of "starting all over" with someone else and others look at the time they have "invested" in a relationship as if it were a stock of some kind. For these people the more years they've been in the relationship the harder it becomes to walk away.

    Circumstances that involve finances or kids can also play a part in someone staying in a toxic relationship. These people are hoping for a miracle such as winning the lottery or someone comes along to "rescue" them. Most however simply end up having affairs that their boost self-esteem and gives them the ability to cope with what is waiting for them at home.

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    braincandyposted 4 years ago

    A bad relationship can mean many things. How bad is bad? Many women will endure unfulfilling relationships and keep their families unbroken for their children. Of course some women will stay in  bad relationships because they believe that is what they deserve. If a partner is abusive and has degraded the other person for years, that person starts to believe they are undesirable. Or maybe some stay because they can't afford to move out. I have heard of couples that have split but continue to live together because they can't afford to move out.