Do you believe that children from the lower, working, & lower middle classes hav

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    gmwilliamsposted 5 months ago

    Do you believe that children from the lower, working, & lower middle classes have

    a VERY SMALL to NO chance of ever becoming highly successful in 21st century America as they don't have the technological & educational access that children from the solidly middle, upper middle, & upper classes have for instance, the latter have computers, technological & intellectual paraphernalia in their homes while children from the lower, working, & lower middle classes....DON'T which puts them at a SEVERE educational disadvantage?

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    Necento antoposted 5 months ago

    Hello Grace,
    Success does not depend on how educated you are or how many electronic gadgets you have at home.
    Education is important but it does not guarantee success.
    Success depends on a person's hard work, passion and determination and not on the socio-economic status of the individual.

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    wba108@yahoo.composted 5 months ago

    Ben Carson's mother is a good example of what a good parent can do without money. She could barely read but had her children take out library books and do book reports on them. Ben Carson became a world famous surgeon while growing up in a poor neighborhood  and being parented by a single mother.

    Technology in and of itself is merely a tool, it is often abused by kids that spend their lives on worthless entertainment via the internet.

    Almost every conceivable book can be had on Amazon for pennies and the cost to ship them. There is computer access in schools and at libraries.

    The poor values taught to kids are the main culprit to why learning is not taking place. A kid has to be teachable to learn, if they have poor attitudes, all the money and technology in the world won't help much.