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The Las Vegas Shooting - WTF!?

  1. jrk1121 profile image85
    jrk1121posted 5 months ago

    The Las Vegas Shooting - WTF!?

    Is anyone else confused as I am about whats going on in L.V. with the shooting? It seems like the news agencies are fighting back and forth about what did and didn't happen.

    10 minutes is a long time to fire an automatic weapon! it's hard for young guys in their prime to shoot for that long. The videos that show flashes from the 4 / 5th floor look real to me. At some points of those said videos clearly, there are multiple shooters. A lot of time was spent planning and prepping that incident for maximum impact.

    A lot of the narrative doesn't make sense and it just smells fishy to me.


  2. AshutoshJoshi06 profile image91
    AshutoshJoshi06posted 5 months ago

    None of it actually makes sense. 23 guns, that's almost like he built up a damn bunker there. I wonder if he was gearing up for a zombie invasion. A psychopath, not so far I guess.
    Then the whole trying to paint it on Islamic terrorism episode, ISIS claiming responsibility, perhaps nobody briefed them to stay the hell out of it.

    End of the day some stories would be planted in the media and there would be exclusively paid for interviews too. Meanwhile all sort of propoganda and Fake news would be the best bet to stay informed and drive own conclusions!!

    1. jrk1121 profile image85
      jrk1121posted 5 months agoin reply to this

      Lol, trying to figure out who is lying will drive you bonkers! I gave up on that in the early Obama days.

      Now, this bump stock thing, apparently it is capable of making you pull the trigger that fast?

  3. jrk1121 profile image85
    jrk1121posted 5 months ago

    It seems more and more is coming out, I still see wild accusations flying in all directions. There is still a lot of holes in the story. I hate to be a conspiracist but, has anyone else noticed The stories coincide with the "popular" opinion of Facebook posts?  I.E. almost like some posts are pointed towards gathering the opinions of others and then it comes out in the media?