Why are we here?

  1. FrustratedMonk profile image59
    FrustratedMonkposted 3 months ago

    Why are we here?

    What really is the point of people in general? Not just one person singular, but as a whole. Humans have been around for so long yet no one knows why we are here. Is it to live, reproduce, then die? Or is it something more important than that?

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    schoolgirlforrealposted 3 months ago

    Hi friends if you really want to know the truth and you really seek to know the truth and you're willing to do whatever it takes to know the truth go to jsm.org

    Many people like to think that we are here by accident or by some big bang but those who know better realize that there is more to life than just Flesh and Bones that there is a heart that needs to be filled and that is why you are asking that question and that we all have a hole in ourselves that needs to be filled.

    Many will not go after it though because they don't want to give up sin and they don't want to give up there lives that they have now.

    It is clear that there must be some reason why we are here and it is available for you to know you can read the King James version of the Bible it will tell you in the Psalms Psalm 91 Psalm 23 The book of Ephesians but especially the gospel about how Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from sin.

    Many will laugh because they don't want to live for God and they will make excuses but if you truly want peace of mind and heart an improvement in your life and get over your addictions and field true peace you will go to jsm.org

    If you think about it an object like a book for example could not have created Cell for come about without a designer correct?
    Our bodies are made of DNA and so are all the plants and all the animals and everything that exists has its own DNA.

    You most likely will agree that a complex DNA could not come up by accident but would come about by an intelligent designer.

    It is very simple we are not here by accident we were created by an intelligent designer  God.

    We are all sinners and have come short of the glory of God but in Romans it says that if we confess with our mouths and believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins we shall be saved.

    We were created by God to enjoy his company and for him to share what he has with us all we have to do to be in his presence is to accept Jesus Christ is our savior and gain eternal life it is not difficult it is not complicated it's simple and it must be done.
    Because we all have free will and God will not force us to accept him so if we don't accept him we choose hell willingly and end up there on our own choice but we can be happy in this life and the next if we accept Jesus now you can read my Hubs if you want to find out more I have written much about Christian Life there