Who I am? what is my education? what can I do here?

  1. Najm Ul Hassan profile image61
    Najm Ul Hassanposted 4 months ago

    Who I am?  what is my education? what can I do here?

    I am a Microbiologist. I have done MS in Medical Microbiology. I wanna Here to write some attractive artical here. And show my ability to the others. I am a lecturer nowaday want to write and established my IQ level more stronger.

  2. Luke Holm profile image95
    Luke Holmposted 4 months ago

    Despite your honorable degrees, you'll have to write in proper, conventional English to do well on this site. I think you probably have a lot to say, and this is a great platform to say it, so (as you said) work hard to improve your writing skills and you will be successful. I think some people use Grammarly, which could be useful for you. Good luck smile