Revelations of the Past "Our guides to the good life"

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    rob cloptonposted 7 years ago

    Life Revelations part 1.

    After questioning life, death, happiness, determination, sacrifice, success and the list goes on and on, I've began to wonder and again ask "why" do we get these hints of our own mortality every day? Why do we ignore them. Why do they keep coming? Why is it that every experience that I or you ever had is still in our minds? Why can we not recall them at will. As I am nearing the twilight of my life I receive a revelation of an experience that I had at some other time in my life daily, and I ask "Why"? Some are real, from childhood, from my teenage years, some from my adult years and yet others from what it seems was a life I never lived. Do you believe in reincarnation? Maybe so, maybe not, who knows, but they are coming more frequently now with every activity that I undertake. I now know that this happens to everyone in every walk of life but everyone does not act upon them, they are wrinkles in our minds that act as a safety net to prevent us for making mistakes and in some cases making the same mistake twice. It could be as simple as using an axe to cut wood. Yesterday,"I recalled cutting wood as a kid,(five years old), the terrible winters, nearly freezing as my older brother and I, bundled up in what ever we could find, would go into the forrest and cut trees; carry, drag, roll, whatever it took to get it back to our home to provide heat for the house hold including our six young siblings. From this experience I received so many revelations, but the most important one was the safety aspect of using the axe that our father had taught us very early in life. His revelation was that the wood would be needed, he wouldn't be able (because of his health) to provide for the family, but by teaching my brother and I early in life would insure that the family would not freeze later during the grueling winter months. Also, using an axe safely was an art, you would use this art for the rest of your life. Axe safety is so simple but so many have been injured and killed because they did not know that using an axe starts with inspection: The handle must be secure to the head, the shaft can have no cracks or breaks in it. As it's used, the stronger hand (whether you are right are left handed) should be the top hand, it applies the extra force needed when the axe is in motion. This hand also slides up the shaft after each stroke and a pushing down motion to control the recoil, thus keeping the axe from abruptly coming back towards you and possibly injuring you. After each stroke, the strong hand slides back down the axe and aides the next lift, slides again toward the head for the force and next stroke. And finally, it best to cut at angles, tilt the axe head to the left or right first, and for each additional stroke to the other side, this when mastered will make perfect :v: chips and make cutting more easier. My father never mentioned the fact that protective eye wear should be used to prevent the chips from hitting you in the eye, but again, in the south, in the 40's and 50's, who cared, it was about survival, and yea we survived. This lesson, regardless of how severe it seemed as a kid, and then teenager was a life lesson, I only wish I had taught it to my sons, however I thought it was unsafe and feared they would hurt themselves. Hopefully they will never be in a situation where failing to use an axe safely and effectively will pose grave consequences for them. (This revelation occurred to me as I was cutting roots yesterday with, yes you guessed it, my new AXE. I am now recording my numerous encounters with my past and hopefully will share them with you and hopefully put them together for a book at some point in time. Regards rC.

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      Obscure Divineposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah, I also enjoy using an axe and basically any type of cutting tools and creative weapons.
      But, a forum usually equals...somewhat of a discussion, not a place for short stories; write a hub or something...  Thanks.  big_smile