H4 can work?

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    sups24posted 8 years ago

    Hi all,
    I am on a dependent visa , that is I am living with my hubby on a H4 visa. Legally speaking am not supposed to work but can I work online jobs? Is that legal?

  2. goldenpath profile image71
    goldenpathposted 8 years ago

    I don't see why not.

    If it proves to be fatal to your Visa there is no need to worry.  I'm sure that they have equally padded cells complete with color cable television, internet access, three full meals a day, recreational facilities, snack time and even pro bono bed time stories for internet users.

  3. SettleEstateLI profile image55
    SettleEstateLIposted 7 years ago

    If you can work online there is no reason that you cannot work online for a company located in your home country.  Register for that job properly and pay your taxes in your home country.  You do love your home country, right?  Well it is important to honor your obligation then by supporting the businesses of your country and paying the taxes there.

    The working online idea is great because you will be able to work in the USA as far as physical location is concerned but still actually working in your home country and increasing the Gross National product of your country.

    Eventually you may want to pursue citizenship here. If you do, please contact us, and we have quality lawyers who will be able to assist you with your green card, your citizenship, and any other immigration issue.

    Another option is to start a home business online in your home country.  Does your home country have anything unique to export?  If so, incorporate there (from here) and then establish a Website here and a business presence in the US where you can sell the goods of your country. Make sure to check all applicable laws!