School Time Around the Corner

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    dragonrider32posted 7 years ago

    It's almost school time for some kids across the country. Time for parents to take that last vacation of the season to do some neat things with their kids. Time to make some memories. Time to spend time with kids of all ages. It may not seem like they are having a great time, they may complain about the trip to see the world's largest ball of string being lame (which by the way, it kind of is)but they will remember it in the years to come. It's amazing how much they come back and tell you years later that they still think fondly of, or that they want to do with their kids later on. So pack up the family wagon, SUV or sporster and head off for an adventure. Time spent together means more than anything...that's the truth.

  2. ScientificGear profile image61
    ScientificGearposted 7 years ago

    So true! Nothing is more valuable than time spent together with your