Can I have some more?

  1. poleflux profile image66
    polefluxposted 7 years ago

    So the world is round.  There are stars in the sky.  Whats out there?  Which planet out there could support life?  Are we alone?
         All questions we humans have asked.  It is natural to be curious and nose around a bit but when will we ever be satisfied when all we want is more?  It seems a selfish desire to populate the planets insisting Earth is doomed where do we go now?  We have our own experts for the many questions and engineers developing a way, always thinking of a way out or off of Earth, somewhere else.  Combing the heavens for our next landfill wondering if we could live on mars, put a colony on the moon, searching for somewhere to exist to live on.  If you are a rational person just reading this is eye opening but if not I will make it clear.  There is a place where we as life can exist, a place with an atmosphere, landscapes and water, I have already found it, Earth.  Right under your nose and feet is the greatest planet in the universe, home, your home.  The house is a mess with trash, bacterias and statistics, but life can sustain itself.  As far as looking for other intelligent life forms, look under an earthly rock and you will find a true alien world with a population living in a way that would not be suitable for you.  Better yet you can find life driving a car on a city street, there are people out there alien to you.  My point here is, we humans are never satisfied with what we have, right here, right now.  We have everything we could ever need and yet we are searching for someplace else to rule.  Knowledge is fabulous,dreams are delightful, but never enough is selfish and bizaar.  Please do not blow up the moon to see if there is ice beneath the surface.  Please stop blasting the ice sheets of Antarctica to create a drilling hole to the subsurface, that's crazy!  It is for you and I a good thing (or not) space cannot be accessed by the environmentalists, that would promote a serious response, as well it should, if they could see the layer of lithium, plastics, projectiles, and so on, have you seen the ring of disaster around our planet?  Talk about the awe inspiring great wall of china, we have certainly topped that, we win for feats of man and awarded ourselves a trophy too!  If we could just for a minute accept ourselves and all that surrounds us instead of building walls and fighting with your neighbor, maybe sharing the same room for dinner tonite with your family.  I know, I know, it is a stretch, just try to be thankful and quit trying to find a place where you belong when in fact you already have.  Can't we all just get along on this amazing adventure?  No more wars, or killing innocent people, or sending your children to another place to die for another.  It seems so primitive and impossible to accept.  Perhaps, one day, we will attain peace, for now go on and take a walk down a trail on the earth with your neighbor.