Hello I am new to santeria, am in the process of being initiated, you are right

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  1. profile image51
    Yemaya7posted 13 years ago

    Hello I am new to santeria, am in the process of being initiated, you are right sadly there are...

    some people that like to abuse their magic or are phony I had a former spiritualist who keeped on over charging me and saying that my life will be ruined if I dont give him money. is there any other advice on how to learn truthfully about this religion

  2. BabaSixto profile image60
    BabaSixtoposted 13 years ago

    "Is there another way?"  All ways point to you having to go under someone's wing. Regardless of were you go, this is religion just like the rest of devotion and practice. When you are not satisfied with the direction that you are being taken. If you are not satisfied with the instructions that your being given?. If you are not satisfied in general. Do not continue with these individuals. One continues to search until you find a place suits your style of living, express thought in a way that you can understand. Finally, take your time. Getting involved and being a practitioner takes a life time. One day at a time, observation, interpretation, research, this is never ending.. I am always learning.. meet new people all the time. They learning from me, and I from them...  Hence, there is no right or wrong way to learn... It's what we experience that teaches us in the long wrong...

    1. profile image49
      Chrisdelosposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I need to know.  If a person has had santo from the age of 6 . An his father doesn't know info of anything cause he threw out everything. How do you get your santos back

  3. FriendofTruth profile image62
    FriendofTruthposted 13 years ago

    Before I became a Christian I was involved in Santeria. It is a very demonic practice along the lines of voodoo. They draw you in by telling you things about yourself that you wonder, how did they know that about me? So you think they have some 'power' or are really 'spiritual' - when really they are operating under the influence of a 'familiar spirit'. A familiar spirit is one who knows things about you and feeds these 'priests/godfathers' information about you-(they are demonic spirits). Then once you start paying the money for protections, limpias (cleansings), beads, etc. they keep drawing you deeper in. They do animal sacrifices and have you meditate in rooms filled with all kinds of idols. They give you all the names of 'spirits' you are to pray to and tell you that you're praying to 'saints' but they're not - they're demonic spirits. They have you do all kinds of creepy things like watch chickens get their heads popped off and they have you pray to ancestors that are dead. And through all of this your going to be paying money, and more money. The types of people that I found were really drawn to it were people who wanted to put curses on others, or get others to 'fall' for them, people who wanted power and to be invincible in all the crime they were doing.
    Take it from someone who was once involved in this wickedness and demonicness, this is not the way you should go. It only leads to destruction. If you're looking for true answers to life and for peace and direction, you need to turn to the Holy Bible, to Jesus, He is the only One that can give you that. You will continue to search for something to fill the spiritual void you have in your life until you find Jesus. He is the only One who has the answers that you need in your life.
    If you have any other questions about this religion (cult), let me know and I'll tell you all about it...

    1. BabyRey Jimenez profile image53
      BabyRey Jimenezposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Hey friend of truth i would like to know about this? Can u.plz tell me more abt it

    2. profile image49
      Chrisdelosposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Well to me it's like giving blood . An signing away. The Hebrews do it. An some other races and religion to. The ones that are, real to me are monks the rub a tree pet an animal, an keep it moving. Some people don't know  what is good.

    3. profile image50
      knowledge 224posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      For starters this is all BS this person doesnt even know what Santeria is. They obviously were pacticing black magic not Santeria if they are talking about sacrifices nd all this evil bullshit! Santeria is a catholic religion we dont worship devil.

  4. profile image51
    julieg08posted 13 years ago

    First I would like to say, I'm am very sorry you experienced this. I became an initiate in 2005 and I was exposed to the religion 5 years prior to that. The experience I had was a very good one. I think I was fortunate to have been in a house with good people with good morals and values. Before I made Santo I had mental problems due to molestation and abuse. I needed help and I can honestly say it was a true miracle of god. I felt so clean after I made Santo, I felt like all the heaviness and mental anguish was gone. In my heart and mind, I truly believe it saved my life.  I am also a confirmed catholic. I don't have a problem being both, a Santera and a Catholic. In this Religion you will find good and bad people as with any religion. My advice to you is to really take your time with getting to know people and keep your eyes and ears open to any foolishness. As my godfather has said to me in the past "This is a house of Santeria not witchcraft". When people go that far as to use witchcraft, I think that is completely wrong and demonic. But Santeria I don't believe is demonic in any way shape or form. Its just a shame how there are people who ruin peoples idea of what Santeria is by their terrible behavior and con artists who take peoples money. I agree with Friend of Truth on some sentences he or she have stated but I don't believe the religion itself is too blame for the evil deeds people do. It would be like blaming Catholicism for the priests molesting children. How does that make sense? I understand how animal sacrifice can be a very touchy subject for many people and that the religion itself can be very foreign. But consider this, what is normal to one part of the world may not be to another. Santeria is a culture, a way of life as well as a religion. But it is understandable why FriendofTruth would portray the religion as something demonic based on his description, its sounds like it was a bad experience and costly for him.

  5. profile image54
    Brenda Jozeposted 7 years ago

    Each will decide differently I like to think Jesus is the ONLY way to God and to peace. If you believe in God and the Bible, here is an article that clarifies the Bible verses warning us what to listen to and worship. Ignore the J Lo part, we don't know if that's true.
    http://beginningandend.com/j-los-black- … -santeria/

    1. profile image54
      Brenda Jozeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      This is also interesting a guy's experience of Santeria. It's up to you what you believe, but consider it.


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