Think about the past

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    fastermeposted 7 years ago

    I think about it, it was born gentle sadness. Once in the past, many people, many things together, and I had accidentally. This is a chance, how many and I collision, or a passing, or ShenHen left in my heart. Those who touches my soul in my heart to life exists, the growth. Whether in open casual plus size wedding dress, standing in the narrow alley or, Whatever I go on people like tide street, or in the lonely LouHang silent, Whether in the bustling place, or smooth crisscross the courty NBSP, I can never forget the place. But all this, they were unable to keep. I with them, is flying in the sky, where only the bird, but can't touch. I could not return to the past, I cannot estimate "future", I have to keep my heart is now. My past influenced me now, I will now affect my future.
    Think about the past, in the way of the future, only can grasp of what is now. Quietly, who think that those things, in my mind, warm temperature buried in my heart. I always take out back, and give yourself a warm simple casual dresses, but always help a full of sorrow. The fuzzy with clear memory, it took the vicissitudes of youth in time, the crack of the cross, and javan, to the horizon. However, my heart can't resist the yearning, eyes, even if the temptation of past years continuously dip wave, I still immersed in past, comfort yourself alone. Even in the future, I will walk old memories of the past.
    This summer, so the past? In the days of the past, now. At the moment, and raised my hand against now become the past. This is like the surface of things. Really, not the past. How many things because of the past, so it caused no past, is just a way to change, change a stage, because it affects my future.