Increase confidence in class

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    saanj Hposted 6 years ago

    “Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not  fearing to be wrong .”

    Confidence is usually referred as a key to success. Confidence is nothing but a positive feeling led by   your own conscience. A feeling that you are capable of  achieving success. Confidence comes from our own perception about our abilities. So its all in my brain, If I think that I can do a particular task easily, then I will do it at any cost and vice verse.

    It is the teacher's duty to see that the lesson plans are designed keeping in mind the psychological aspects of the students. Teachers can increase the confidence level of the students by giving them every opportunity to perform their best in every task assigned. Students with least confidence level must be rendered an opportunity to perform and excel. Students with low confidence level often tend to feel shy, lack attention in the class, fail to relate with the peers.

    The teachers can follow these tips to make their classroom teaching more interactive and also increase the confidence of the students.

    A detail research on the diversified cultural backgrounds of the students helps to find out the influencing factors that affect the students' behavior in the class.
    The teacher must conduct more one-on -one lesson sessions in the class.
    The students must be frequently called upon to express their opinion on the topic that is  being discussed in the class.
    The teacher is under a moral obligation to maintain an authoritative standpoint with the students but in a friendly and easy going way.
    Criticism should be coupled with the techniques to improve.
    The teacher should set personal and reachable goals with the students
    Any attempt made by the student to express themselves must be complimented.

    These teaching methodologies create a sense of motivation for the students. A feeling that they are important and noticed in the class  makes a lot of difference .