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Is mind control really used in the underground military forces?

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    Multimanposted 6 years ago

    I wear aluminum foil under my hat so I don't know.

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      Mikeydoesposted 6 years agoin reply to this


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        Multimanposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Nope just keeping the microwaves out.

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      Shahid Bukhariposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      There is no such think as Mind Control ... its just a Logical awareness, of the anticipated actions or reactions.

      I don't think, the ignorant ones ... forming the various military commands, are unaware of human responses in war situations ...

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        Multimanposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        The North Koreans started with what was called Brain Washing, and it worked well enough that we had troops that chose to stay in North Korea.  The Russians used microwaves (really!) and were able to produce voices that appeared to come from inside a persons own head, and were not heard by others and could be used to convince some one they were going insane.  Our own CIA experimented on our own citizens using drugs to achieve the same purpose.

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          Shahid Bukhariposted 6 years agoin reply to this


          Let me tell you a story, my own, I hope you will enjoy it ... it may give you a broader perspective of things, as they really are ...

          When ... what you call  Secret Agencies; ours, yours, theirs ... enforcing Political Agendas of their Communist, Capitalist, Colonialist, Economists, and Islamist Masters ... had "made sure" that I, for my outspoken Islamic views about their Warrings, against peaceful people of the world ... " am never able to do any gainful business with anyone in the so called Free world " in my life  ...

          I grabbed an opportunity, when one came along, and went to North Korea ... and signed, a favorable Fisheries Joint Venture Agreement with the North Koreans ... It was in days, when Kim il Sung was alive ...

          I signed the Agreement, with the North Koreans ... just to prove my point of view ... therefore, for the heck of it ... not in supporting, the North Koreans Political or military views ... and this is not an apology ... for, it would have been far easier, and most gainful for me, to join their nefarious brand of Communism ... and make a fast buck,had I been looking for raking in easy bucks, than signing, a moderately gainful business agreement ...

          I negotiated carefully ... imagine my position in my own country as the one, who got away ... thus, a suspect, in the "Free" world's list of Communists and anti semitics .... and,  facing a hostile group on the Negotiating table, with as many as a dozen  "tails" following me in Pyongyang, and Hamhung, watching and noting my every move, and action ...

          Ironically ... I was wearing a US Marines jacket, I had bought from the second hand clothes market for perhaps $10, in Karachi, to fight off N. Korea's minus 40 C winter temperatures, it was January ... perhaps the year was 1982 ... 

          Anyway  ... the North Koreans considered me an American Imperialists Agent, while the American CIA back home, in Pakistan, docketed me as a North Korean, or a Communist Rat or Mole, whatever they call it ... vis a vis the North Koreans, who thought, I was an Imperialists Agent !

          I will have to scour Wikileaks for the related dispatches ... but don't think its worthwhile, or necessary.

          Anyway ... I was fully aware of my responsibilities, as a Muslim and a Pakistani ...  so also of theirs, and their adversaries combined designs ...

          Thus, I knew my responsibility ...  to ensure that the Agreement does not disturb Peace, and stability of my country ... Pakistan, vis a vis these other Agencies and their agendas ... and not compromising the peace of South Asian region, within the interests of world Peace ...  while negotiating and signing the Agreement ...

          I did it successfully... singlehandedly ... Alhamdolillah, meaning, All Praises belong to Allah.

          For I had ensured, that The Agreement, never creates, what are law and order, or Security problems and threats to local, regional or world peace...

          In, that my Action was in order to tell all these
          Invisible Microwaves totting, and microphone planting, cloak and dagger,  distance Cameras and other stuff wielding Agencies, that:

          "I am not 'hearing' or 'seeing' things ... they would want me to believe, I am seeing, or hearing ... thus, to believe that I am being assailed by "hidden forces of fate, or that I am nuts etc.. 

          I had signed the Fisheries Agreements ... To tell them, that I am OK, that I fully understand their plans, and can get around, despite all their combined military mights, technologies, the James Bond Stuff based opposition, and bio-war faring, and much more ... single handedly, unassisted, and successfully, in countering all their plans.

          Motto of the Story ...
          What you say, as Microwaves assisted 'suggestions'  and other gimmicks, have variously been the tools of this nefarious trade of Intelligence ... since 10000 B.C., perhaps longer ... the only differences is, Technology ... now they play their games by deploying high Technology.

          What is most Important to note,
          "Is the Truth ... That if what you Believe in, Is The Truth ... all of them combined, cannot do a thing that can go against you ... For Truth is the most Powerful "entity" in the Universe, since, its been around for much longer than 10000 B.C. and is still succeeding ... against Planned fallacies." Therefore, there must be some Truth in what I am saying.

          Be careful, be moderate, in your thinkings and Actions, Believe correctly ... and things will work out ... leave these Microwaves and Microphones and Micro cameras totters to do their thing, its their livelihood ... Make yours the Service of Truth.

          Its cost

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    Pandoras Boxposted 6 years ago

    Totally unrelated, but in some research I was doing lately for an article, I came across something weird. I didn't pursue it because it was outside the scope of my article, so don't anyone laugh at me for what I'm about to share.

    Okay you all know Hermes? The Greek messenger god, Zeus' go-boy? Well, he carries a kerukion or herald's staff which is undoubtedly mispelled there. It is basically the staff of the messenger, later misunderstood and it became the symbol for the medical industry in the US - two snakes wound about a staff with wings at the top.

    There's much I could say here, but it would be totally OT so I'll just get to the point.

    Somebody (again I didn't pursue it and won't go searching now, if anyone is interested they can look it up for themselves and find it I'm sure. But my point is I don't recall if that somebody was a scientist, archaeologist, anthropologist or other.) But whatever he was, is, he recreated a kerukion in what he felt through his research should be the proper form, (there is some debate since the form varied over years and locations.)

    Why he did this is another subject, which we shan't get into here, but what he accidentally discovered (supposedly) was that as he handled the finished product in different ways, his mother was affected. I believe it was tones going off in her head or some such.

    It was right about then that I hit the backspace key, lol.

    The true origins and use of the kerukion is debated and not fully known or understood. We believe it is from the preclassical era, in fact there is some evidence which suggests Hermes could predate hellenic greece by as much as 3000 years or so. Noone's sure. Wherever he came from, he brought the kerukion with him.

    Hermes is heavily involved with leading the recently deceased into Hades, and with certain festivals, which leads to a theory that the kerukion functioned (or was supposed to function) as some sort of tool for assigning the dead to the grave, and possibly releasing them at the appropriate times of the year.

    But this article was suggesting it was actually a very ancient mind-control tool.

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    Idude607posted 6 years ago

    You bet they do! The very first thing they do is cut your hair in the military, by doing so, takes away individuality. They then make you get up early, bark orders at you, feed you a fixed amount. Endless push ups and runs, wear your body out. Rinse, lather, repeat.... A broken mind is ripe for mind control!