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Do you think the U.S. should attack Iran's nuclear facilities?

  1. kmkellum profile image73
    kmkellumposted 6 years ago

    I think we should, or at least support Isreal in doing,because Iran is just stalling, and if they develop a weapon they will use it. The world can't afford a nuclear war. That would change life on Earth as we know it.

    1. Shinkicker profile image95
      Shinkickerposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Why would they use a weapon? Their country would be incinerated.
      Why would they want one? Because the USA invades weakly armed countries. That's the lesson they're learning and Iran is surrounded by hostile forces right now.
      What right does the US or Israel have to attack? Unless the UN allows it then it's terrorism and a war crime.

      The negotiating table is getting cold over this issue. The Iranians will talk.

  2. innersmiff profile image72
    innersmiffposted 6 years ago

    We can't afford a nuclear war? Damn right. Why the hell do you want to start bombing a country that has an enemy with 300,000 nukes??? Iran doesn't even have a single nuclear weapon, has no plans to build any, and if they did, it would only be a natural reaction to Israel threatening to bomb them to oblivion!

    No. Categorically. Leave them alone and leave Israel to fight its own battles, they can take care of themselves.

    1. Shadesbreath profile image85
      Shadesbreathposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I'm with you on this. Israel really doesn't need us over there. They like having us as the "bad guy" standing behind them, and we serve that purpose willingly. It's worked in the past, but seems like time to move on.

      At some point, Israel has to live in the neighborhood with out big, nasty America pointing its jets and missiles at everyone. (We just look like assho--s, and they have their own jets and missiles anyway).

      Especially since Israel is, at least in my opinion, being obstinate and unyielding. It's too bad Jesus couldn't resurrect real fast over there, try to resell himself as the savior and do a long, long, long lecture on how that whole "turn the other cheek" thing works. Maybe the Jews will listen this time. I mean, there's no chance the Arabs are going to listen to that crap. At least not for a few hundred more years, not after how all this crap went down. They're all in reflexive..."OH YEA... F---- THEM I GOT  YOUR EYE FOR AN EYE BEOTCH" mode. (Not even all of them, just the ones who seem to get anything done.)

      Someone has to take breath.

  3. Ron Montgomery profile image60
    Ron Montgomeryposted 6 years ago

    The only country that has actually launched a nuclear terror attack should declare war on a country that might someday have the capacity to follow our example?