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Is Online Learning help our Education system?

  1. M K Paul profile image76
    M K Paulposted 5 years ago

    School/College Education system or the Online Learning -- which one is good for our students?What do you think?

    1. Mr-Mediocre profile image98
      Mr-Mediocreposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I believe online education can be practical and useful as long as the student is serious about their education. I could sign up for a course online or in person and know that the experiences will be unique and different but the results may potentially be the same. It all depends on how one interprets data, if they learn through visuals or audio, and many more personal traits. The problem, to me, is that many people who enroll in online education are either looking for an easy-out or do so with the assumption that less work will be required. It is this thought process, not the system, that corrupts the general view of online learning.

    2. AshtonFirefly profile image80
      AshtonFireflyposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Perhaps I am conservative, but I really think the Online Learning option should be used only as a supplementary tool.
        In this case I agree with Mr. Mediocre, above. Perhaps it is the mental attitude associated with it, and not the thing itself.
        In online learning, you miss out on a lot of benefits that going to an actual classroom would provide, in my opinion.

  2. TaraCRC profile image64
    TaraCRCposted 5 years ago

    I love Online Learning but I do feel that it depends on the personality of the student.  I earned my masters in Education in an online program and it was more challenging and thought-provoking than my undergraduate education in a traditional university.  The benefits to me specifically was the structure and flexibility of the program.  When executed well, an online class can be equally, if not more effective than a traditional classroom, especially at the college level. 

    As an undergraduate, I struggled with going to class, participating in discussions and staying engaged during lectures.  Granted I matured prior to graduate level coursework but when I was having trouble focusing I could "go to class" at 2 am when my brain was able to engage.

    Also, in the online environment teachers could not see students in class so students had to participate more in the online discussions.  To me, that meant I couldn't just show up to class, tune out discussions, and show up for tests.  I had to actually engage in the material and break it down to show I understood the importance of it.

    A successful online class meshes structure, content, and thoughtful discussion.  For learning styles and personalities like my own, this is a wonderful way to learn.  Other learning styles and personalities may feel very differently about this format.