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Learn the strategy used by world class achievers: discover practical steps on how to set goals and achieve them

Updated on March 24, 2012
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author

Become an Achiever: practical steps on how to set goals and achieve them

Become an Achiever: practical steps on how to set goals and achieve them

By Benjamin Ugoji

“Your purpose explains what you are doing with your life. Your vision explains how you are living your purpose. Your goals enable you to realize your vision.”

Bob Proctor


Discover your purpose

Create a compelling vision

Strategies to set your goal and achieve your goal



There are a lot of articles that has been written on the above subject- goal setting. The problem that we don’t set goal but the most important thing is the ability to achieve our goals. This art of achieving our goal increases our self –esteem and self confidence and in turn improves our self-efficacy on our ability to complete the task. Statistically, it’s reported that about 5% of the population write down their goals in their bid to accomplish it. Why do the rest of us not set goals? In his book on goal setting Brian Tracy suggested the following as to the reason people don’t set goals:

Goals Aren’t Important

They Don’t Know How

The Fear of Failure

The Fear of Rejection

I don’t know what you think but setting goals and achieving them is the fundamental recipe for success. As one writer commented: “success is goals and all else is commentary.”

The statement at the beginning of this article for Bob Procter reenacts the themes involved in goal setting.

You need to have a purpose, vision and goals to achieve the results you want in your life. Your purpose must stem from your values and belief in life and this has to do with your core value – what you’re passionate about. It stem from your skills, gifts, talents, knowledge and experiences you’ve had in life. What is it that makes your heart sing?

Creating a vision has to do with you sharpening your mental acuities to envision what you want for your life. It’s a skill in creative visualization. For example before Watson built the IBM he has a vision of how the company will look like when completed; and also how they’ll behave to achieve their purpose. They had to begin to act that way and review any short fall in their behavior and correct it afterwards. Vision is ride riding on your dreams before they materialize.

Goals are strategies to move from where you are to where you want to be. It’s a move away from present state to a desire state. Achieving your goal will affect and change your thinking, feeling and action and behaviour. It’s a process of learning and change that add value to your identity, skills and capabilities as well as knowledge and experience.

This article is a way to motivate and encourage you to become more intentional, proactive and responsible for the things you want in your life.

Discover your purpose

One of the most important teachings of Aristotle, the Greek

philosopher, was that man is a teleological organism. The word

“teleos” in Greek means goals . What Aristotle concluded was that all

human action is purposeful in some way. Are your actions purposeful?

I read an interesting article by Lisa Lane Brown on about a man he helped discover his purpose in his career. He had to list the activities that he is passionate about and he was asked the reason for choosing those activities. His answer was that he enjoyed them and was good in them. Do you know your purpose? Whatever your chosen purpose must add value to your life and those around you. You have to believe in the purpose and also be very passionate about it. It has to be your purpose – what you want not want you don’t want.

Create a compelling vision

The pre-condition for any human effort is a vision of success. Man is never so strong, so enterprising, and so endlessly resourceful, as when his aim stands clearly in front of him, to be achieved by a definite number of determined strides. To 'work without hope' is a contradiction in terms, for work without hope is work without real drive, without momentum.

– Colin Wilson

Your vision has to be clear and vivid and specific foe it to see the light of day. This is the art of creative visualization where you involve all your senses – sight, smell, touch, sound, taste and possibly you gut feeling the way you’re living you purpose. It could be in any area/role of your life. For example it could be a vision of your spiritual, physical or material life.

Strategies to set your goal and achieve your goal

If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes

Andrew Carnegie – The richest man in America in the early 1900.

I have to begin this section with this short conversation:

The great oil billionaire, H. L. Hunt, was once asked the “secret of success.” First, he said, you must know exactly what it is you want. Most people never make this decision. Second, he said, you must determine the price that you will have to pay to achieve it , and then get busy paying that price.

Tool to achieving your goal - Goal Achievement Framework (GAF)

The GAF was used by Enda Larkin in his book: “Ready to lead? Prepare to think and act as a successful leader.” Pp.114. is described and explained in this section.

This framework is very efficient and effective in enabling you to achieve your goal. It is efficient because it involves some approach to planning such as using a diary which you adhere to daily. The aim of using such tools is that it provides structure to your dairy and allows you to prioritize activities on an ongoing basis. Being efficient is only part of the equation, since you can be efficient without ever achieving your goals. For example, you could be a very organized person at work but that doesn’t mean you are leading in the right direction, it just means you get through the workload at hand efficiently.

To be really effective, you need to:

First define your goal clearly. Then you must work back from them by identifying the range of activities and tasks that will move you towards the goals. These activities and tasks must be scheduled using your planning tools. You must review your progress regularly. This ability to combine efficiency and effectiveness will turn you into an achiever in the long run.


This is made up of seven step and they are explained in this section.

Step 1: Define your goal

Here you begin by defining your goal as clearly as possible. Be as specific as you can and make notes about the results you want. In other words, paint mental picture of your goal. Be as imaginative as you can and use you senses to visualise the outcome you want.

Step 2: Identify the key activities that would be required to achieve this goal.

Don’t worry at this stage about when these will be done – just think of the broad activities that must happen to make this goal a reality.

Brainstorming is a good tool to use here. You could also use free writing.

Step 3: Break these activities into more specific tasks.

Break these broader activities into more specific tasks that need to be carried out within that activity.

Step 4: Think also about the sequencing of these activities.

Do certain tasks need to be carried out before the others? Put the tasks into logical sequence. This will help in deciding the deadline etc.

Step 5: Develop timelines for each task.

For each of the tasks that you define timelines for when you would like to implement them with a clear finish date. Depending on your goal in question timelines might be quite specific or could be structured on a short, medium or long term basis.

Step 6: Use a scheduling tool to keep you on track.

Use your scheduling tool to plan these tasks, including start and finish dates as appropriate.

Step 7: Monitor your progress at regular intervals.

Monitor progress at frequent interval so that any drift can be identified early.

The benefits of the GAF

It combines efficiency and effectiveness. You become effective, as you start thinking about your goals and are consciously moving towards them. You become more efficient, because you define the key activities and tasks you need to happen to reach your goal and then enter them into a planning system to ensure they happen.


Remember, in the words of Drucker – to mange for results; adopt the most efficient way of getting there but never forget that it is the end that counts not the means. Ninety-five percent of achieving anything is to know what you want and pay the prize to get it.


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