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Parallel Coaster

Updated on May 12, 2016


EARTH TIME: 06:00 A.M. E.S.T.


A view from beyond our Moon - an asteroid is heading toward Earth.

After 45 - 55 minutes, it reaches our atmosphere. Our planet shows vividly its oceans and well defined coasts. "Trip probe locked," asserts the strange voice from deep space .

A second voice adds: "this is an adventure of a life time!" It is engulfed by friction and heat.



The object enters our sky and is about to melt itself down. This piece of Universal creation is about to impact the Atlantic Ocean at top speed, near the Bermuda Triangle zone.

However, it is slowed down somehow, surrounded by a magnetic hole; an energized threshold diverts its course to a different location.




In a split of a second this meteorite is in another time and dimension. If we are not mistaken, is suddenly plunged into open ocean, caressing the milder waves. Its already Heading toward Ecuadorian and Peruvian shores.

A winged black bird, a Condor, closes in in the nearby space. "There we go.. as calculated," signals the first voice. The second voice gives us a better clue. "Yes Father, this is amazing! Tetra-four locked in!"




The winged vulture, like knowing what he is doing, flights down until almost kissing the ocean. The strangers, somehow, have taken hold of its physicality to continue their trip. Dolphins and Pelicans welcome their very well known friend. The Condor drifts itself away into the shoreline.

A whale expels a blast of water into the air which cools off the breezing air. Guano Islands give way to the mainland a few miles ahead. A big candlelight figure appears on a mountain slope.

We notice this trident carved on the dry hard sand which is 640 feet long. The welcoming sign to a trek into the Nazca lines. "There it is, our 'tridentical' sign son," explains the father. "Dad, seems like you were here before," says enthusiastically the kid. "I did, son. Your own grandfather brought me here too."


As anticipated by the Candlelight sign, the Nazca lines start to show themselves. "This is incredible! The Nazca lines in all its splendor," says the Father. "Can you recognize that giant geoglyph, shaped like a alien?" inquiries the father. "Yeah, like one of those old space suited guys." The condor interrupts them for a second: "Welcome 'Nevadians.' You should know by now that this trip was so common, that they even immortalized my own figure, do you recognize it guys?"

"Now all these makes sense, dad! This flying thing knows where it is going. Is like... wow! He is skydiving into this arid desert. and slowly climbing into the..."


"Welcome to our dimension, and to our own time," replies this Condor as though he was an old guide.. and knew exactly what was going on. "Oh, did you hear that son?" replies dad. "Yea! How did he know?"

"There is a reason for all, and a purpose for everything," answers the Condor. "We are heading into the last fortress left by the Incas, which is..."



The vulture 'host' starts becoming a winged tourist guide for these two time travelers. "We are father and son, and we come from a distant planet to say so, and this trip was planned in an stellar package," reveals the father. "Well, I'm here to tell you about 'us' and our Culture. Who better than me?" replies this flying bird.


"Machu Picchu, was built in the course of 50 years. So, two or three generations were involved in the construction. In terrestrial time it was started around 1450 A.D. Pachacutec's Engineers saw its potential and planned the future Citadel...He felt it like it was a command from their own God, the Sun," explains the Condor, as they approach to the sacred plateau.

"Wow! my friend. We are here next to you on first seat," answers a wise dad with rejoice. "Dad, look! Is more than the real thing. There is people down there."

"We are...! You have come right on time to witness a ceremony being held at the top of that hill, where the 'Intiwatana' is, which is a ceremonial place for astronomical rituals to our 'Inti' God."

"And, what year is it now?" inquiries the young kid. "Two harvest before the end of our Dynasty: 1530. A foreign epidemic is breaking us apart. Civil war is in full swing, and we fear the worst. Our ruler, taita Huayna Capac, succumbed to death five years ago."

The Bird is seen by the 'Acllas,' future concubines for the Inca, who wave to him while carrying offerings going up the steps to the ceremonial compound, which lead onto the Intiwatana.

Baskets with corn and bread made of wheat are brought up. The Lead Shaman or 'Curaca' called Willac Uma is holding a vase full of a beverage made of corn(called 'chicha') and raises it up to the passing Condor and in his own Quechua language, prays for an end to a devastating civil war and for the health of their 200 inhabitants left there to their own fate.

" How did... How did they manage to built this city with those enormous rocks and boulders?" asks the Father with curiosity. "The quarrels were found on this very top location.The rock or granite can be treated with wood and water. For instance, when they wanted to break in two a big rock they would use man-made wedges and water, mixed with a solution made of roots and some other secret beverages, including coca leaves," explains our 'guide'. "After the great deluge, our ancestors relied on constructions above sea levels, " explains the Condor.

"Do you see the Mountain behind this area?" asks the Condor. "Yeah, What about it?" asks the son. "Is a projection of our Inca Pachacutec. We named it 'young mountain' or Huayna Picchu in Quechua. Actually is like an embracing King around its realm."

The Condor flies around and keeps searching for something that we do not even know.

"Machu Picchu, therefore, stands for 'older mountain'". The day is closing to an end and the trip as well, but let's hear from them again. "You might wonder why I am flying in circles," asks the Bird. "Well, was about to ask you... but," responds dad. "Is a routine and perhaps a ceremonious game where, how would I say it better... I have to aim at something.

If you ever come down. right in the middle of all, you will see a black granite carved representing me, so for me is like a gliding game with no end." The view is breath taking literally.

Llamas and other south American came-lids like Vicunas and Alpacas share the harvest around terraces which are artificial platforms around the Fortress. They provide valuable land for their crops.

"Why are you making this trip, anyway?" asks the Condor. "We come from a far distant future and somehow... We are related to all those civilizations going back to Atlantis and Egypt, Mayan, and Lemuria Ru. Ever wonder why all of them built pyramids?" asks the Father with a certain cool mood. "No wonder you did join me coming out from this 'hole in the sky'," replies the Bird. "Certainly, this was a trip that was done before, and I wanted to share it with my own son.

There was a intriguing trinity in those pyramids as there was at that Bermudan section. We were represented as angels in the past..." The Condor interrupts him, or "Viracochas." Humidity and clouds gather enough moisture to create a rainbow that eventually crowns the view.

"Dad? This was beyond all my imagination! "

"We need to check with the Parallel coaster first, and our Trinidadian rendezvous has been achieved today, son."

"Absolutely Father! Hold it, is my turn dad, don't cheat! Tetra delta, go!"




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  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    9 years ago from New York

    Thanks maribel!

    I guess you understood the deepness of this hub. These experiences can happen and could happen anywhere. with deepest appreciation,


  • MaribelsWords profile image


    9 years ago from NYC

    Wow! Magnificent read! Ridiculously interesting, I loved it.

  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    10 years ago from New York

    Dagny roth, this hub was written way back in 2004. But condensed for HP a month ago. Seems that our Extraterrestial fellows will come out one day for good. Are you going to be watching their press conference next to the U.S. President? The meteor was real like it was posted in youtube. As you might know, and this 'Shaman' that married you and your spouse in Cuzco, the Capital of the Inca empire has an special magentic force similar to the Bermuda triangle's, that could mean a lot for these ET's from another world.

  • dagny roth profile image

    dagny roth 

    10 years ago from Neverland was this hub sparked by the recent meteor

    Over Peru?!! Seems fitting!

  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    10 years ago from New York

    Dagny roth,

    Thanks so much for commenting. This hub can be too deep for most, but was written as it came to the author's mind.

    The Inca language is Quechua, which is called the ancient Inca's descents.


  • dagny roth profile image

    dagny roth 

    10 years ago from Neverland

    Nice Hub! My husband and I have an affinity for Peru and Machu Picchu! We were married a Shaman who spoke the old Incan language...Queshua (not sure if that is the correct spelling). I keep meaning to write about this journey we had but your hub has reinspired me! Thanks!!

  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    10 years ago from New York

    Hey! was only you who noticed this piece of creation? LOL

    Thanks AEvans!


  • AEvans profile image


    10 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

    What a fantastic hub! I enjoy history and always love knowledge. Thanks for creating the videos and telling the story! :)Peru is nice! Lucky you! :0 It took 50 years to build? That is a mighty long time. Love the hub, great read. :)I am in awe!

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    i really like this sound really useful to use

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    wow i really like this .it is interesting.


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