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Spider Webs and Dwellings

Updated on February 7, 2015

Spider on Web

by Sandy Mertens
by Sandy Mertens | Source

Not All Spiders Build Webs

We are all familiar with spiders and their webs. The orb-weaver spider spins a web in a spiral wheel-shaped design often found in gardens, fields and forests. The families of this type of Orb-Weaver spider are the Araneidae, Deinopidae, and Uloborida.

The Orb-Weavers in the families of genera Mastophora, Cladomelea and Ordgarius produce sticky globules. This globule dangles from a silken thread by the spider from its front legs. Selected types of moths attracted to this thread. They become stuck on the globule and reeled in by the spider to be eaten.

Other types of spiders will spin webs that are funnels, sheet webs, tangled, tubular and dome webs.

Some of the spiders that do not spin a web are the Wolf Spider, Jumping Spiders, Sac Spiders, Crab Spiders and Tarantulas

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Orb Spider

Click on the source to view this poster
Click on the source to view this poster | Source

Different Types of Spider Webs

Poison and Non-Poison Spiders

The different types of spider webs and architecture found in the article featured below. Here is the listing of the types found.

  1. The wheel web (the round web that most of us are familiar with)
  2. Tangle webs
  3. Funnel webs
  4. Tubular webs
  5. Sheet webs
  6. Dome or tent web

The article Spider Web Architecture and Efficiency talks more about the spider webs.

Estimated that spiders have been around for at least 140 million years, this means creatures have been prisoners in their webs for that long too. But not all spiders!

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Where Do Spiders Dwell?

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Black Widow Spider Eating Poster


Orb Weaving a Web

Where Can You Not Find a Spider?

Places to Go to Avoid Them

With more than 30,000 species of spiders, it seems like they are everywhere. Nevertheless, if you want to avoid them completely, go to the North or South Pole. Nor will you find spiders at the top of enormous mountains. The reason for this is all three places are too cold and snowy for the spiders to live.

Funny Spider Magnet

Spiral Orb Webs (by Bjrn Christian Trrissen on Wikipedia)

Spiral Orb Webs (by Bjrn Christian Trrissen on Wikipedia)
Spiral Orb Webs (by Bjrn Christian Trrissen on Wikipedia)

Frost Collected On a Cobweb (by Heggyhomolit on Wikipedia)

Frost Collected On a Cobweb (by Heggyhomolit on Wikipedia)
Frost Collected On a Cobweb (by Heggyhomolit on Wikipedia)

© 2008 Sandy Mertens

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