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Spider Web Architecture and Efficiency

Updated on February 7, 2015

The Art of Spidertecture

Estimated that spiders have been around for at least 140 million years, this means creatures have been prisoners in their webs for that long too.

Not all spiders spin webs, but those that do, have a flare for architecture (spidertecture). Through instinct, they know how to build their silken webs. This wonderfully efficient creation of art will be the spider's pantry for its prey. The strands of silk have a stickiness that will catch any insect that happens to get in its way. This saves the spider time and energy for having to chase down dinner.

Intro image is a Spider Having a Big Lunch Poster print by Jamene Click on the print link to make a purchase.

Spider Spinning Web - Caught in the Act

There are different materials in the construction of buildings. Cement for the foundation, wood for floor and ceiling joist, flooring, wall construction, rafters, roofing and so one. The same goes in the construction of a spider web. One spider can have as much as eight different types of silk produced from several-paired spinneret glands located at the tip of their abdomen. Each type of silk serves a different purpose in the construction of a spider web.

Spiders use the sticky kind of silk to spin webs. They use the non-sticky, stronger variety to tether down the spokes of the wheel.

1. The most common type of spider web is the wheel web. These webs are woven from the orb variety of spiders.

2. Tangle webs, made from the Theridiidae family spiders

3. Funnel webs, with associations divided into primitive and modern

4. Tubular webs, which run up the bases of trees or along the ground

5. Sheet webs

6. Dome or tent webs

Spider Books for Young to Adult - Fun Learning About Spiders and Webs

Spider Jewelry

Spider Crazy

Spiders on Zazzle

Spider posters - copyright thumbprints are on file
Spider posters - copyright thumbprints are on file

A Garden Spider Making Her Web - Such Construction

Argiope Spider and Web (Taken by Muhammad Mahdi Karim on Wikipedia )

Argiope Spider and Web (Taken by Muhammad Mahdi Karim on Wikipedia )
Argiope Spider and Web (Taken by Muhammad Mahdi Karim on Wikipedia )

Web From the Stabilimenta Spider (Taken by Akio Tanikawa on Wikipedia)

Web From the Stabilimenta Spider (Taken by Akio Tanikawa on Wikipedia)
Web From the Stabilimenta Spider (Taken by Akio Tanikawa on Wikipedia)

Drawing of Black Widow Spider

Black Widow's Web

Have You Seen One?

The architecture of the black widow's web is usually a funnel type of web. The architecture of the black widow web is carefully composed of three structural levels: the uppermost portion is made of supporting threads, the central zone is made of tangle threads and the lower zone consists of vertical trap threads.

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