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Competition in the Montessori Level Education is Unhealthy

Updated on December 6, 2015

Montessori Level Kids


Unlimited Competition

Today’s world has a competitive edge and the competition factor is reflected in every sphere of life. The tragic point is even the Montessori level education has not remained untouched. The little kids of the Montessori level, who have neither learnt to understand the meaning of a sentence properly nor are able to frame a proper sentence, are forced into the competitive world of education. The education system is not looking beyond the fact of producing some multifaceted students. Though in return an enormous chunk of kids are developing low confidence, becoming introvert as well as maintaining a negative viewpoint.

Kids’ First Brush with School

In India the Montessori level kids are usually around 4 years to 6 years of age. For each and every child it’s a day out with the other kids of the same age in a same environment with a same teacher to guide. Firstly, the kids feel a bit insecure when they are left outside their homely environment to spend some time with the strangers but gradually the children get accustomed to it. In school the formal and the informal education of a child starts. The students learn basic human qualities good or bad together with their mates in the school. It is the first step to begin the learning process of the upcoming generation. At this juncture the kids start facing competition in the school itself then in this way the innocent kids step into the world of comparison. The little kids’ mind and heart get the first exposure to the evil world like hatred and jealousy. The children of this age deserve only to learn about love but with the exposure to the evil world their mind and heart get polluted. This hinders their overall development.

Montessori Level Competition is Unhealthy

Usually, various competitions such as recitation, drawing, fancy dress and many more are conducted regularly in all the schools at the Montessori level. Participation of all the students is a must but hardly 4 to 5 students become winners and receive prizes while the other kids are left behind. The kids who participated with full enthusiasm and were excited about their participation but just not receiving an award make them unhappy and disinterested in the future contests. The children of the Montessori level should not be judged for their performance rather for overall development they should be encouraged for every bit of their participation. There should be an award for all the participants. The mantra to build up a talented, confident, strong willed and outspoken generation is to nurture every child with encouragement at the Montessori level or else few will blossom properly and others will lack confidence in many aspects of life.

Instil Confidence in Montessori Level Kids

It is true that competition helps to boost up confidence of taking up challenges and brings forth the hidden extra qualities of a student. Even it gives a scope to the students to analyze their own potential but certainly in the higher classes. The grown up students are able to understand the meaning and importance of competition. They can take the pressure of competition as well as are strong enough to hold their nerves after win or defeat. I strongly oppose competition at the Montessori Level education. The kids have no logical understanding and thus getting no reward disheartens them a lot. This cannot be a healthy sign for an overall progress of a kid. Let the kids enjoy their stint at the Montessori level to their fullest and step into the next level with full of confidence.

Montessori kids need extra care

Curricula at the Montessori Level must have such a viewpoint which may help the kids to have an overall development. An all round development of all the students of the Montessori level needs to be treated with a special kind of attention. Though, students at every level need care especially the weak students. An extra effort and care help to boost up morale and confidence of a weak student. This unfolds the ability of the student and brightens the future. Little bit of mishandling of the students by the teachers and the guides can simply ruin the child’s future. Then just imagine when the student is a little kid of the Montessori level who is completely ignorant about the importance of education needs how much more extra care in the school! The teachers or guides are not only responsible but the education system is equally responsible for the overall development of the Montessori kids.

Applaud Every Child

Life will give all of us a chance to judge and to be judged but judging Montessori kids on their performances are simply ridiculous. Judging these little kids wipe out the smile on their face and give tears to their eyes. Do they deserve this? It is really shameful that on the name of education the children are injected with the bad qualities such as hatred and jealousy which influence the evil world very strongly. They should be applauded for every bit of their effort. It keeps them happy and motivates for the better.

Keep Montessori Kids Grounded

People of any status are respected much more when they are found to be very much grounded and gentle. Simplicity, politeness, humbleness, generosity and respectful approaches make great men more respectable and ordinary men become respectable. Thus, the teaching procedure must give importance to all the above said attributes. The question is: How will it be possible when the Montessori level education is so competitive?

It is a known fact that the children of the Montessori level simply have no reasoning about competition. They do not understand the importance of winning or loosing a competition. Usually it is observed that the kids who start their winning spree at a very early age and start basking in appreciation do not remain grounded. Though they fail to relate with the competitions but still prefer to consider themselves better of the lot. This thought of being better of the lot leaves two very strong after effects:

Over confidence reduces the tendency of the kids to work hard as well as these children underestimate other children and so they get spoiled.

Feeling of Superiority never allows a child to be humble, polite, simple, respectful and generous. In this way they never become grounded. The children who have the feeling of superiority induce feeling of inferiority in the other kids.

Therefore, the children with over confidence and feeling of superiority fail to mix freely with the other children of their age. Is it good for any nation? Can in this way a healthy breed of people be developed? I am afraid, 'no'. It is not that the children who loose confidence in the Montessori level will never be able to regain their confidence. Certainly they will but definitely with some extra motivation. Now, I want to make a point that what is the advantage in demotivating the kids in their Montessori level? This only pollutes the minds of the children and for a very long time keep them engrossed in various ill thoughts.

Competitions held to make the students enjoy their participation are known as healthy competitions. The Montessori kids need more of the aforesaid competition. This will enhance their inner confidence, love, and understanding. It will leave no scope for nurturing any bad feeling towards the other kids. What else is required for an overall development of a child in a Montessori level? May the educationalists understand this thought of mine which I consider to be true because of my various experiences.

Competition Kills the Innocence of the Small Children


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