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10 Videos From My Kids Including a Display of French Military Awesomeness

Updated on January 18, 2015

Happy Things, what more do you need?

Some of the best things in life come unexpectedly in your lap (or pocket). Sometimes you have to look around. I'm always checking out independent Youtube musicians. I like this one, it surprised me how much it grew on me. Probably the most uplifting song done in the most uplifting way. Don't Stop Me Now, by Queen, acoustic finger-style. Introducing Supersonic Woman Sandra Bae...

Don't Stop Sandra Now, Ms. Bae Rocks her Guitar, We're Watching in Awe!

Burning through the sky and it's MAGNIFIQUE!

Before you get all patriotic, I must warn you these are French jets you are watching. Time to get nuanced, forget the passe stereotypes of the French military being weak. Being smart is not necessarily weak. Read up on the French Resistance. Historically, the French (and the Gauls) kicked some serious derriere over the centuries. Here you see them in cinematic glory, God I wish I was flying with them when I watch this video.

God's Way to Use Military Jets

Who makes Sandra Bae feel like a fumbling newbie guitar player? This guy. Mr. Youtube himself.

What can I say about Tommy Emmanuel. Well, if you take a born talent, and give him musical parents who travel in a performing family a la Von Trapp in Australia from his youth on, pardon him from school so he can play music all the time, and give him an urge to constantly improve, you get Tommy Emmanuel. He was great as a premier star of youtube back in the 240p days, and he only gets better with time. This performance is a sub-par medley compared to most of what I've seen him do. I chose it just a teaser to get you started, if you don't like this then you probably won't like Tommy. I feel sorry for you if you don't like Tommy, the guy is a light-hearted entertaining guitar burning machine.

Genius Tommy Emmanuel Covers the Beatles

Gangnam Style + Minecraft

Maybe you are part of the small percentage of earth's population who hasn't seen Psy's "Gangnam Style" video and/or haven't had to watch kids play Minecraft. Maybe you have and wonder why or what drove the popularity, here is a funny little blend that distills the essential elements together into a dynamite vid. that might blow you away.

Gangnam meets Minecraft

Funny Pets and People

I'm not so easily amused that I can watch cat videos on YouTube and consider myself duly entertained. This one is amusing entertainment. I'm not so sure about the 999,999,999,999,999 other "funny" pet videos. OK I admit, I do like more than one, but let's keep that between us.

In case you haven't already seen a talking dog...

OK Now You Can Get Patriotic!!!

A routine pre-game ritual gets owned by a group of little girls and goes viral.

Original Star Spangled Banner Blowaway Sensation

Now Jingoistic if you must

Months later they reach the top, the big time baby. The 700 club. From the pinnacle of success, it was only downhill, you can't climb anymore when you stand atop the mountain's summit. Fame's fickle flame flickered and suddenly went out. Now they are bitter drug addicts, one is obese, one even moved to Mexico to join a cartel. It's a really sad "After the Music Stopped" documentary, I encourage you just not to watch it. OK, kidding folks, relax, the Star-Spangled Banner yet waves over the Cuties, and all the cacti of the Lone Star State.

Cactus Cuties Sing the Star Spangled Banner

Linguistic Likenesses to make you Laugh

As a fluent speaker of one of these languages and a person who's traveled or lived amongst speakers of the other languages, this comic interpretation misses the mark a little when it comes to anal pedantic nonsense in order to hit the bullseye of humor-sense (if you have that sense, more important than any one of the other 5). Verstehst du was ich meine?

Funny if you appreciate foreign languages.

The beauty may be hidden in faraway lands... find it!

Ok, somehow you haven't smiled yet?

Pre-school kids aren't cute to you. They are not productive enough to suit your standards. You don't fall for their antics of being cute and lovable, it's all a ruse to get you to put up with them, so you think.

Sandra Bae chose a Queen song. Freddie Mercury. Too bad. You hate the 70's and you hate Queen. You even hate the 80's because of Queen's Radio Ga Ga. Yes the whole decade because of that one weird video you saw on MTV.

The thought of the French Military would make you smile, those smug surrendering wine and cheese fancy castle-dwelling mimes are such a joke you almost break into a smile. But the sight of them ruling the skies, joyfully dancing with the jets whilst soaring over sea and mountains with amazing tactical maneuvers just turns your stomach. Especially to the sounds of a cheezed up rendition of what should always be, in your opinion, an untouchable masterpiece. How dare they? This has you miffed.

Anything done of the Beatles is no good, they couldn't fool you.

  1. John was a mean street thug who acted like a nice hippie. He was a no-good ne'er-do-well from the other side of the tracks who got lucky and really high, so high he believed he was bigger than Jesus, why such a guy could make girls crazy will never make sense. Then there's Yoko Ono, and the art. Oh heavens, that art. Eeeeew, let's move one.
  2. George was a flaky follower, he even turned into a Hare-Krishna nut. The way he crossed his legs made you question his gender, what with that long hair and all. The beard would have been a good move to straighten him out in your mind except that it often would harbor pot smoke, opium, incense or whatever those acid-dropping musicians put in their Hookahs.
  3. Paul, well Paul seems so cool but look closely, look at his solo albums, he's really just some an overrated hokey-pokey cheeseball you say. You point out, when left to his own vices, you get Ebony and Ivory. What were you thinking Paul? The idea of it was and is noble, but the execution of it was so corny it made reruns of Hee Haw seem like Masterpiece Theater.
  4. Then there's Ringo, why, Mr. Starr to begin with is not even the rightful drummer. Yes if you had your way we'd all mourn the luck of poor Pete Best to this very day. So is the sad, sad state of affairs when you hear anything of the "Beat-les" (you insert a guttural stop between syllables to emphasize your general disdain for the British. Even the unparalleled talent of Tommy Emmanuel can't overcome your antipathy for the ubiquitous fame of the fab four. They did put forth some awful album covers. I'll give you that.

You're not impressed by the Cactus Cuties' rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, you've heard better, you think. You don't like the USA anyway, what with slavery, Monsanto, corrupted-by-money Politicians, Agent Orange, Corporate fat-cats, unbridled GMOs. In other words you don't like the USA because of slavery and Monsanto. So you don't like the Cactus Cuties either.

You don't understand Gangnam or Minecraft and want to keep it that way. It's all Dubstep to you. Fine. Well, I have one final video for you. If it doesn't make you smile, check yourself into a clinic soon before you do something rash.

Talking dog? BS. There's some guy doing the voice. It's not the dog. Dogs can't talk, how could anyone be excited over something that's not at all true? You wonder how such a stupid video could garner so much attention. It's BS and you won't watch it, much less smile.

How German sounds? Maybe in a Spielberg flick. It's just not fair to make fun of Germans anymore. Besides, this guy is hamming it up to sound harsh. The others are softening the other languages to make them sound nicer than they are. German can be nice too, verdammt! It's Scheisse and you won't have any of it, much less break a smile.

So far you've got me. Du grinnst mich nicht an? Noch nicht, allerdings. Time to bring out the big guns.

Happy Things (a must see, one of my favorites)

I don't have a clue but it works. I'm smiling AGAIN

Why do I love this video so much? I have no idea what they're singing other than all I need to know - "happy things". To be completely candid, I'd like to keep it that way. Why mess with perfection? Sure, there are some questions, they're in South Korea, right? They're singing about milk at some point, what's that all about. Also there's a section where the singer is letting us in on something about the pianist. I don't know what, but hey, when you are a genius with a giant brain like me, who either already knows everything or is becoming an expert, it can be refreshing to be clueless for once ;-) My brain can't devour it, I can only chew on it like a tasty T-bone with some spiced gristle that just hangs on. To many desserts end too quickly (Moves like Jagger, anyone with me on this?), J Rabbit's "Happy Things" doesn't get old very fast, maybe not at all. For months now, this is a rare video that I enjoy repeatedly, like a dog to it's favorite femur. I won't stop watching it, I'll only bury it for a while in the back yard. You're welcome for me showing you where to dig it up - if you want to smile.


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    peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

    good videos. Voted up