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6 Movies Like Mean Girls

Updated on February 15, 2014
Movies Like Mean Girls
Movies Like Mean Girls | Source

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Mean girls the movie is an American comedy written by Tina Fey and directed by Mark Waters. The movie, which is derived from a non-fiction book revolves around high school social groupings and their effect on the girls in school. The movie was released in 2004 and has since attracted a huge viewership worldwide. For those who love mean girls, there are many similar or related movies which you can also watch.

John Tucker Must Die
John Tucker Must Die | Source

John Tucker Must Die

This is basically a romantic comedy which involves three girls who are trying to hit on John Tucker. John Tucker is the main man on this campus because he is not only the captain of the school’s basketball team but also he is a star player.

The man is rich and handsome and attracts all the girls. However, he runs into trouble when three different girls find out that he has been playing them. The three girls are heather, Beth and Carrie then agree on a plan to bring the master down. The plan is to use a new girl at the school to heartbreak the main man. Kate the new girl is sent to seduce John and after succeeding she is supposed to dump the man. However, the plan fails to materialize after the two fell for each other. The one and half hour movie is written by Jeff Lowell and directed by Betty Thomas.

She's The Man
She's The Man | Source

She's the Man

This movie is derived from William Shakespeare’s 12th night and is directed by Andy Fickmans. The main actor is Viola Hastings, who is in the game of hiding her identity at school. She is in one school with her twin brother. She develops a crush on her roommate without her roommate noticing. Events take a twist when the roommate shows affection for a different person within the same campus. The movie runs for an hour and forty five minutes.

Material Girls
Material Girls | Source

Material Girls

The two main actresses in this movie are sisters who are used to the high life, but it happens that they have to learn to live the hard way after their father’s cosmetic company gets rocked with a lot of controversy. The wealth they had is all gone and life becomes more than what they could imagine. All their cash, homes and cars are gone and they are forced to derive new ways of acquiring new wealth and rescue their father’s company. The movie is written by Amy Rardin and directed by Martha Coolidge.

Sleepover | Source


This movie is directed by Joe Nussbaum, and revolves around best friends Julie, Hannah, Yanncy and Farrah. The girls organize a sleep over at Julies place with the intention of having fun. The girls hijack a car and drive to some club where they engage in mutual kissing. All this happens without the knowledge of Julie’s mother. The movie runs for one and a half hours.

White Chicks
White Chicks | Source

White Chicks

This movie involves two brothers, Marcus and Kevin Copeland, who are both FBI agents. It also stars two white girls Brittany and tiffany that are targeted by certain serial killers on their way out of the airport. The two brothers are supposed to protect the toe girls by escorting them out of the airport to their hotel room. The plan is for Marcus and Kevin to disguise as the two sisters and lure the serial killers and the plan is executed with the help of a lab specialist. The movie is directed by Keene ivory weans who doubles up as the movie script writer.

Baby Mama
Baby Mama | Source

Baby Mama

This movie stars two former Saturday Night Live co-anchors Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The movie is about a single woman who is more focused on her career rather than the family unit. She even hires a surrogate mother after realizing that her chances of bearing children are very dim. She realizes that she has wasted a lot of time concentrating on her professional life and that time is not on her side and she needs to become a mother. She is determined to do all she can just to get a child of her own. She hires a surrogate mother and even begins learning child upbringing by reading different child rearing books. The movie is written and directed by Michael McCullers.

Movies Like Mean Girls Conclusion

There you have it guys! Hoped that gave you a few more options on movie choices!


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