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Movies Like The Notebook For Romantic Lovers

Updated on January 13, 2014
Movies Like The Notebook
Movies Like The Notebook | Source


With The Notebook being such a popular romance movie, I am sure you will want to see if there are any out there that can top this? I can't really decide that for you, since it is all down to your own opinion. However, I can recommend some good movies that you might like.

Titanic | Source


"You jump, I jump" is a very famous quote from this movie. This movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. They come from different social classes and end up falling in love. Leonardo is Jack and is a poor chap, while Kate is Rose and she is a rich and spoiled girl. Rose is about to get married to a rich guy to solve their families financial problems, but ends up meeting suave Jack who would charm the lights out of Rose. The movie has some really witty and well directed scenes. I was still a young kid when watching it. I might not have understood most of it, but I did end up watching the entire movie.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump | Source

Forrest Gump(1994)

Tom Hanks stars in this comedy/romantic movie. He is Forrest and he is being bullied as a kid as he had to wear leg braces.Forrest is also not the brightest of kids, but he is an extremely fast runner. This sparks the start of a remarkable journey from enrolling in a prestigious school to fighting a war and also re-uniting with his childhood crush. While this might not be a full out romance movie, but the story and plot is excellent.

A Walk to Remember
A Walk to Remember | Source

A Walk to Remember(2002)

My sister was actually watching this movie, and I was playing video games at that time. For some reason, I ended up watching it with her and her friends. I guess it is because Mandy Moore was in the movie. This one is more suited for teenagers as the love story is between teens! In the movie, Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman are stucked doing community service. They end up falling in love. The movie is also based of a novel by Nicholas Sparks.

Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice | Source

Pride & Prejudice(2005)

A movie starring Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen is always a good one. The story revolves around social classes again. This takes place is Georgian era. A rich man falls in love with a woman that is not of his social class. He has to make a decision on whether that is right for him. Of course, the story always starts off with the couple not getting along. As the show goes on, it changes.

Meet Joe Black
Meet Joe Black | Source

Meet Joe Black(1998)

Brad Pitt and Claire Forlani stars in this fantasy romance movie. Basically, you have a rich media mogul(Anthony Hopkins) celebrating his 65th birthday and he suddenly hears weird noises. Brad Pitt(Joe as the Angel of Death) is interested in being a mortal and strikes a deal with Anthony after he knows he has little time to live. Brad gets to be a human while Anthony has some time to sort out his empire. Little does Joe know that he is about to fall in love with Claire(Susan).

Cold Mountain
Cold Mountain | Source

Cold Mountain(2003)

This movie is based off a best-selling novel with a similar name by Charles Frazier. Jude Law plays a young man as he has to go to war and leaving his wife(Nicole Kidman) behind. If you enjoy war plots combined with romance, then you will enjoy this one.

The Vow
The Vow | Source

The Vow(2012)

This is a more recent movie. This features Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. They are one couple until a terrible automobile accident caused Rachel to lose her memories and her romance with Channing. I am not going to spoil the ending for you, so you will have to go watch it and find out!


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