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A Gifted Man:In Case of Anxiety Seperation

Updated on October 14, 2011

A Gifted Man


A Gifted Man

Micheal Holt starts his day working at his dead wife's free clinic and finishes with removing a chimera from a high school senior's head by the name of Samir. What it is odd s that Chimera is something completely different in Greek then what is explained in A Gifted Man but I will file it under poetic license. When Samir wakes the tumor is removed from his head but he still hears the voices and even louder. The ghost pf Samir's identical twin is exercised by Micheal sister's mystic friend, Anton.

Meanwhile, Kate is working to pull the clinic back togehter after a car dirves inot the middle of the clinic and the insurance deductible is 75k.

A Gifted Man Trailer


I don't know who the medical consultant is on the show but somethings are very unrealistic. The entire plot evolves around a man of Science whose believes are challenged with spiritualism but it is only the third or fourth show and he is really embracing unconventional medicine. It is a bit to much to soon.


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