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Famous Arabic Male Singer - Amr Diab - The most popular singing Superstar in the Arabic World

Updated on October 1, 2011

Due to the miracle of the internet , I recently stumbled across the music of Amr Diab on YouTube.

Amr is Egyptian and is the No. 1 Arabic singer in the world.

He has apparently been the No. 1 male singer for many years in the Arabic world and is incredibly popular.

I can completely understand why. Not only is he gorgeous, he has an amazing singing voice that brings out the beauty and exoticness of the Arabic language and his music is pretty good too.

He was the pioneer of "Mediterranean music" - a genre of music that blends influences from the Arabic World, Spanish Flamenco and the passion of Latin American music.

I can see why he is so popular and felt it only fair to share my discovery with others.


So if you enjoy exotic and romantic music, click on the YouTube videos below, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Tamally Maak - Amr Diab

This is probably one of Amr Diab's most famous songs.

It is quite upbeat and apparently features the Gypsey Kings, so it has a real Spanish/Flamenco as well as Arabic Flavour.

I love the video, it is really romantic.


I love this, it is a nice and simple, slow romantic song, that takes a little while to get going but the chorus is hypnotic.

Qusad Einy - Amr Diab

This song really captures the beauty and flavour of the Arabic language and singing style.

Amr Diab - Music on Amazon

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