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Bell Biv DeVoe Group, New Edition Lost Boys

Updated on January 3, 2011

When Will I See You Smile Again

The Break From New Edition

    Bell Biv Devoe formed in the 80's when Ricky Bell,Michael Bivins,  and Ronnie Devoe slowly made the break from the New Edition group. Their debut album" Poison" released in 1990 was a quick top charter with the title song becoming their first # 1 hit. No other group had been successful in the fusion of hip hop,pop and r&b all in one, in fact I believe they were the first to do it. Girls everywhere were going crazy over this group and it was almost as if New Edition had never happened. My favorite single from the CD was definitely "When will I see you smile again" and i still listen to it today, in fact I'm listening to it right now.

    Michael Bivins would soon be one busy man discovering and producing two more of the hottest old skool groups Boyz 2 men and Another bad creation. Boyz 2 Men could definitely give Bell Biv Devoe a run for their money, the group was just awesome. I also had my favorite of Boyz 2 Men and it was " Its so Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" that song was touching in a way where you felt exactly what they were singing about even if you had not lost anyone close to you. Boyz 2 Men put alot of emotion into all the songs which was definitely a major ingredient because all their songs were most often about failed love or falling in love. I can only remember two songs from Another Bad Creation, one was titled "Iesha" and the other was "Playground". Another Bad creation was the kids group back then, every little kid was sitting at home watching the videos in amazement wanting to be doing exactly what they were doing.    

    Personally while I loved the New Edition group just as much as the next I feel that many who broke away from the group achieved a larger success rate going solo. Bobby Brown was voted out of  the group in 1985 and branched out his own wave of success with hits like "Dont be Cruel" and "Roni". Johnny Gill who was ultimately voted into the group almost as a replacement for Ralph Tresvant who had been thinking of going solo created his own success with hits such as "My My My" and "Rub you the right way". Its a fact that the only member of the New Edition group not to have as much success as the rest was in fact Ralph Tresvant. His good times were being the lead singer of New Edition because his voice was so totally different almost child like.


Mr Telephone Man

Still In Love With You New Edition

Should Groups that Break Away Try Reunions?

    1996-1997 Sparked the "Home Again Reunion" album and tour, with hits like "I'm still in love with you" and "Hit me Off" the group was everywhere and on almost every sitcom. You'd have thought that this could actually work but every good thing must and always does come to a end. The rivalries and egos popped up again with Michael Bivins and Bobby Brown leaving the tour, so this shut down the whole tour and ruined what could have been one of the most successful R&B group reunions in history.

    New Edition later turned up signed to a Bad Boys Contract by Sean P Diddy Combs also know as Puff Daddy, this proved to be a hot mess and the group ended the relationship with bad boy records soon after. But word has it that Bell Biv Devoe is has prepared a album to be released this year, I have not heard anything of it but I am definitely looking forward to it, also the others from New Edition are doing their own things as well. Could another Reunion be in the works in the near future, or will it turn out to be a major disappointment for fans all over again? This group reminds me of a earlier group my parents were hooked on " The Temptations" its the same break up to make up story.


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    • profile image

      andrew mac 7 years ago

      2 cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      SERGIO 7 years ago


    • brandonfowler66 profile image

      brandonfowler66 8 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      Bev Biv Devoe were on the Wendy Williams Show last night, amazingly they all look the same and sound the same.

    • stacies29 profile image

      stacies29 8 years ago from Washington DC

      Yes. I luv this hub thanks. They are the greatest. I luv ricky.