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Bread, Love and Dreams - One of the Best Korean Drama Series

Updated on December 29, 2016

Two reasons I fall in love with Korean Drama Series “Bread, love, and dreams” (also known as “Baking King, Kim Takgu”) – excellent plot and intriguing casts. Like a good aging wine, this story leaves a memorable and enchanting aura long after the show concludes. In the end, the audiences are not only entertained, but also learn a valuable lesson about life and love. Making bread is like living our life, what you put into the mixture is what you shall receive…

Bread, Love and Dreams

The Most Filling Bread

In order to obtain a certificate from the Legendary Bread Master, Bal Bong, Kim Takgu must pass three tests. The first test is to create the most filling bread. Sounds easy enough, but the journey towards making one is more difficult than he had anticipated. After an accident near robs his eyesight, Takgu is unable to open the oven door for the terror that an explosion may once again occur. With the help of his senior, the one, who kidnapped his mother, he overcomes the fear and above all, he learns to let go of his hatred and forgive the kidnapper. At the market, he meets an impoverished mother and her young son selling barley and corn. He feels sorry for them and offers the pair all the money he has in exchange for the leftover of their produce. The feel of compassion inspires Takgu to create the most filling bread, bread mixed with barley and corn. The not-so-good-looking, but unique and delicious bread wins the heart of everyone. Takgu advances to the next round.

The Most Interesting Bread

The second test is to create the most interesting bread – meaning making bread without the most important ingredient, in Takgu’s case, yeast. Preparing for the competition is hard enough; the hero must also endure the pain of losing his first love to his rival, Majun. She leaves him not because she falls for his younger brother, but for the reason that Majun can provide her what Takgu could not, wealth and social status. How can he make the most interesting bread under such circumstance? On top of that, the heartbroken Takgu suffers high fever and faints in the baking room. While others rush to his aid, Majun watches silently as the wrong medicine passes down Takgu’s throat. Unable to beat his older brother in competition, Majun’s only hope is to destroy Takgu’s sense of taste and smell. He almost succeeds, until Misun, Bal Bong’s granddaughter, helps Takgu regain his confidence. She is in love with the boy and she would do anything to see him smile again. Although Takgu’s attempt of making bread without yeast fails, he rediscovers joy in bread-making. His undaunted spirit and ever-growing curiosity in exploring new things win over the judge. He passes the second test.

Below is a scene from the Series: the heartbroken Takgu suffering from high fever faints in the baking room and is fed the wrong medicine that temporarily takes away his sense of taste and smell.

The Happiest Bread

The final topic is given to Takgu and Majun after the Bread Master, Bal Bong passes away – making the happiest bread. To Takgu, the happiest thing in his life is to find his mother, and live among those he loves – Misun, her family and friends at the bakery school. He cares not for money or power, though his father wishes him to take over the company. Takgu is a kind of person who seeks joy in the simplest thing. His kindness and determination touch everyone around him. He represents the purest and most forgiving soul. It’s impossible not to like him. Majun, on the other hand, realizes only love can make him truly happy. All his life, he lives for others, follows the path that his parents point out for him. He desperately tries to please them, only ends up hurting himself and those he cares about. After he tells his father the secret that he has carried for fourteen years, he decides to live the rest of his life peacefully with his beloved wife and give up the ambition of fighting for something that does not belong to him in the first place. Wealth and power are just passing things, without love, life is meaningless and empty - a worthy lesson we shall all treasure.

Theme Song: that person

About Yoon Shi Yoon

A week leading to the broadcasting of this drama series, KBS did little to promote the show. Perhaps due to the reason that the main casts are relatively unknown. The title role went to a newcomer whose acting debut is merely a sitcom from a year before. However, “Bread, love and dreams” surpasses everyone’s expectation, breaking records, pushing the rating over the unbelievable 50%, and also makes Yoon Shi Yoon a household name overnight. Like Kim Takgu, the hardworking young actor, has the same charisma and strong will. He is down-to-earth, at the same time charming and loveable.

Interview Yoon Shi Yoon

What makes a drama series successful? Most importantly, I think is the story and the uplifting message it sends. We all seek role model in life, someone that inspires us, teaches us right from wrong and through the character of Kim Takgu, we see a human being at its best, talented, truthful, humble, kind and forgiving.

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