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Burn Notice S5E4

Updated on July 16, 2011

Burn Notice

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I had to catch this episode on Comcast On Demand. I was out of town again. But I wouldn't miss this series for anything.

Weston is called by his handler form the CIA, Max, to tract stolen goods. He is also given a temporary access card. Meanwhile, Sam and Fiona are out to help Barry's brother retreive encrypted files forn the Miami Dade School Boards Teacher's credit union. Who says spies don't do the little touches?

Fiona asks Miceal if he has actually given up on the people who bruned him and I get the feeling it may have actually been Fiona that has bunred him. Something about all being fair in love and war.

It is wonderful the character, Jesse, is full time in this show.

And it is LOL when Micheal explains spies don't really spend a lot of time in tuxedos.


The writing and the acting just gets better with each show. Each week I wait to see how they will top themselves and each week I am a little more impressed with how much reality is infused with entertainment. The cast is just superb!!

This is a must see show this summer.


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