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Burn Notice Square One S5E5

Updated on August 28, 2011

Burn Notice


Max is Dead.

This week Micheal Weston is set up as Max's murder. A CIA investigator is sent in and makes Weston rather uncomfortable but they agree they both want Max's killer.

Meanwhile, Ethan a CIA recruit is looking to handle is sister's assaulter. Sam and Fiona help Micheal with this quest for justice. Old loyalties are starting to be reforged in this episode. And the differences between soldiers and spies are clearly delineated. Ethan's sister is caught up with a medical insurance scheme and so a plot unfolds to chance to wrap up some local white collar crime.

Fiona's influence on Micheal's life are clear and all the boys notice how domesticated Micheal Weston has become.

The writing is really witty and profound. The actors really are excellent and the plots are terrific. This is my favorite show in the summer time.

As always they manage to get the white collar criminal and but there are no answers about Max's murder. As usual in Micheal Weston's world there are always loose ends and there are always more questions than answers.


This week was really good as well. This is the must see series of the Summer. The personal touches in the writing are well executed by all the actors. Everyone in this show is just fabulous and they are all terrific. This show is set for another year's contract and syndication.

Weston and crew play wise guy criminals and it is quite entertaining.

Watch Burn Notice on Demand or USA on Thursday Nights.


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