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Cheers TV Show Trivia Questions

Updated on June 15, 2016

Think you know Cheers TV show trivia? I’ve put together some trivia questions from the TV show Cheers that I think any sitcom fan would be interested in.

You may find some of these trivia questions a little easier than some of the others, but I think you will find all of them to be challenging.

Test yourself and see how you do.


15 correct – Sam deeds the bar to you.

11-14 correct – Sam gives you his Corvette.

6-10 correct – You win 100 free beers at Cheers, but you must share with the co-winner, Norm.

0-5 correct – Cliff follows you for a week telling you “little known facts”.

Good luck!

Please scroll down for Cheers TV show trivia questions
Please scroll down for Cheers TV show trivia questions

Cheers TV Show Trivia Questions


1. Who is the first person to order a drink in the first ever episode of Cheers?

2. Who was Diane Chambers engaged to when the show begins?

3. Which actor almost wound up playing the character of Sam Malone instead of Ted Danson?

4. Carla’s ex-husband Nick Tortelli (played by actor Dan Hedeya) graduated from what school?

5. How did Carla’s second husband meet his demise?

6. What is Carla’s favorite thing to do?

7. What was Sam’s nickname?

8. What was Sam’s brother’s name?

9. What was the name of Diane’s cat?

10. Why did Woody originally show up at Cheers?

11. What was Woody’s hometown?

12. How did Diane meet Dr. Frasier Crane?

13. What Boston Celtic basketball player made a guest appearance on Cheers?

14. What real bar was Cheers styled after?

15. What were the final words spoken on the show?

Answers To Cheers TV Show Trivia






1. John P. Navin, Jr. played an underage patron who ordered a beer and was refused by Sam in the opening episode.

2. Sumner Sloane played by Michael McGuire.

3. Sam Malone was originally intended to be a retired football player and was originally supposed to be played by Fred Dryer, but after Danson was cast, the character became a former baseball player because of Danson's slimmer build.

4. The Colletti Academy of TV Repair.

5. Her second husband, Eddie LeBec, played by actor Jay Thomas was a hockey player who was killed by a Zamboni.

6. Carla’s favorite thing to do is draw underarm hair on the models in Vogue Magazine.

7. Sam’s nickname was “Mayday”.

8. Sam’s brother was named Derek. Never seen on the show, his character was written as one that was better than Sam at just about everything.

9. Diane’s cat was named Elizabeth (named after Elizabeth Barrett Browning).

10. Woody arrived at Cheers expecting to meet his "penpal" Coach. (Woody and Coach exchanged pens instead of letters.)

11. Woody hails from Hanover, Indiana.

12. She met Dr. Frasier Crane at Goldenbrook Psychiatric Hospital, where she was admitted after a bad break up with Sam.

13. Kevin McHale.

14. The Bull & Finch Pub in Boston.

15. Sam closed the bar and then noticing a customer at the door, said, “"I'm sorry, we're closed!" He then strolled into the back room.

Cheers TV Show

Who was your favorite Cheers character?

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    • Juggergnost profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thanks for the kind words! Glad you liked it.

    • trusouldj profile image

      LaZeric Freeman 

      4 years ago from Hammond

      Pretty cool.


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