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WKRP in Cincinnati TV Show Trivia

Updated on June 15, 2016

Think you know WKRP in Cincinnati TV show trivia? I’ve put together some trivia questions from the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati that I think any sitcom fan would be interested in.

You may find some of these trivia questions a little easier than some of the others, but I think you will find all of them to be challenging.

Test yourself and see how you do.


15 correct – You take WKRP to the number 1 spot in the city.

11-14 correct – You become general manager of WKRP.

6-10 correct – Johnny Fever moves in next door and has a key to your house.

0-5 correct – You will have to listen to Les’ pronunciation of Chihuahua for 30 minutes.

Good luck!

Please scroll down for WKRP TV show trivia questions.
Please scroll down for WKRP TV show trivia questions.

WKRP in Cincinnati

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WKRP in Cincinnati TV Show Trivia Questions

1. In what year did WKRP In Cincinnati first run?

2. Dr. Johnny Fever, played by Howard Hesseman came to WKRP after being fired from a major station when he said what word on the air?

3. What was Johnny Fever’s last name on the show?

4. Les Nessman, played by Richard Sanders, is constantly trying to win what fictitious Ohio radio news trophy?

5. Herb Tarlek played the boorish, tasteless advertising account executive who wore loud plaid suits. What actor played this role?

6. What was the name of Herb’s wife on the show?

7. How does Les protest not having an office of his own?

8. What is the nickname used by some of the employees of the station for general manager Arthur Carlson, played by Gordon Jump.

9. The show’s opening theme song and lyrics, "Got kinda tired of packing and unpacking, town to town, up and down the dial", is talking about which character on the show?

10. Who is the stations highest paid employee?

11. What is the real name on the show of DJ Venus Flytrap, played by Tim Reid?

12. What was the name of Mrs. Carlson's butler?

13. What was Mrs. Carlson’s first name on the show?

14. Which city did Venus work at before coming to WKRP?

15. Which actress played the part of Bailey Quarters?

Answers To WKRP in Cincinnati TV Show Trivia Questions






1. WKRP In Cincinnati premiered on September 18, 1978.

2. Dr. Johnny Fever was fired for saying the word “booger" on the air.

3. Johnny Fever’s real name on the show was John Caravella.

4. The "Buckeye Newshawk Award" even though he has already won it numerous times.

5. Frank Bonner played the role of Herb Tarlek.

6. Herb’s wife’s name on the show was Lucille.

7. By marking where walls would be with tape on the floor around his desk and furniture.

8. He is occasionally called "Big Guy".

9. The show's opening theme song is about program director Andy Travis, played by Gary Sandy and his decision to settle down in Cincinnati.

10. Jennifer Marlowe played by Loni Anderson is the station's beautiful receptionist and is the station's highest-paid employee.

11. Venus’ real name was Gordon Sims.

12. Her butler’s name was Hirsch, played by Ian Wolfe.

13. Her first name, not revealed until later in the series was Lillian.

14. New Orleans.

15. Jan Smithers.


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