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The Rockford Files TV Show Trivia

Updated on June 15, 2016

Think you know The Rockford Files TV show trivia? I’ve put together some trivia questions from the classic TV show The Rockford Files that I think any classic television fan would be interested in.

You may find some of these trivia questions a little easier than some of the others, but I think you will find all of them to be challenging.

Test yourself and see how you do.


20 correct – You are a Rockford Files trivia expert! You qualify for a drawing to win a home in Malibu, California, a mobile home, in a certain cove.

15-19 correct - The repairs on the car Beamer borrowed from you are paid by someone else.

11-14 correct – Angel gets you out of one of his scams.

6-10 correct – Gandy moves in with you for a month.

0-5 correct – Angel gets you into one of his scams.

Good luck!

Please scroll down for The Rockford Files TV show trivia questions.
Please scroll down for The Rockford Files TV show trivia questions.

The Rockford Files TV Show

Who was your favorite Rockford Files character?

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The Rockford Files TV Show Trivia Questions

1. How much does Jim charge for his services?

2. For most of the series Jim’s trailer was located at what cove?

3. What was the name of the restaurant that was closest to Jim’s trailer?

4. What was Jim Rockford’s middle name?

5. Which actor played “Rocky” for most of the series?

6. What profession did Rocky retire from?

7. Where did Jim Rockford serve time?

8. What did he serve time for?

9. Where did he keep his gun? And why was it kept there?

10. What kind of car did Jim drive on the show?

11. Which actor played Sgt. Dennis Becker?

12. What is the name of James Garner’s real life brother who had several parts on the show?

13. Jim’s brother played a few different roles on The Rockford Files but which character did he play most often?

14. Which actor played “Angel” on the show?

15. What was Angel Martin’s first name on the show?

16. Gretchen Corbett played Jim’s lawyer on the show. Her first name was Beth. What was her last name?

17. What was the first name of Dennis Becker’s wife?

18. Isaac Hayes played a friend of Jim's from his prison days who annoyingly refers to Jim by what name?

19. What was Jim’s telephone number? (Shown at the opening of the show)

20. What was the name of Angel's brother-in-law who was the publisher of the newspaper that Angel worked for?

Extra Credit questions

1. What was Jim’s license plate and what did the numbers and letters stand for?

2. What was Jim’s outgoing message on his recorder?

Answers To The Rockford Files TV Show Trivia

1. His rate was "$200 a day, plus expenses" which often went uncollected.

2. Paradise Cove. The address of Jim Rockford's trailer for much of the series was 29 Cove Road, Malibu.

3. The Sandcastle.

4. His middle name was Scott.

5. Noah Beery, Jr.

6. Rocky was a retired truck driver.

7. Jim served time in California's San Quentin prison.

8. Jim served time for a wrongful conviction for armed robbery. He did receive a full pardon.

9. He kept his gun in his cookie jar or coffee canister in the kitchen because he said, "The coffee keeps it from rusting."

10. A gold Pontiac Firebird Esprit.

11. The actor who played Dennis Becker was Joe Santos

12. Jack Garner.

13. The most regular character Jack played was that of "Captain McEnroe" on the police force.

14. Actor Stuart Margolin played the part of Angel.

15. Evelyn was Angel’s real first name on the show.

16. Beth’s last name was Davenport.

17. Peggy was Dennis Becker’s wife’s name.

18. "Rockfish"

19. 555-2368.

20. Aaron Kiel

Extra credit answers

1. James Garner explained in an interview that Jim Rockford's license plate number, 853-OKG, was created by his agent at the start of the show and stands for August, 1953, when Garner got his first acting job, and OKG which stands for Oklahoma Garner, his home state.

2. “This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave your name and message, I'll get back to you.”


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    • Juggergnost profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago


      Thanks for stopping by.

      As you can see, I'm a big James Garner fan too!

      (I'm curious which one you missed)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Thanks for the trivia. I got 19 out of 20 right. I'm a big James Garner fan. And yes I am a nerd!


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