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Eastenders Dot Branning Falls Down The Stairs!

Updated on October 13, 2014

Dot Branning has recently fallen out with her loved ones for the second time when step daughter Carol jokingly suggested Edward was Dots fancy man.

Dot is a very proud woman so the mere suggestion that something improper is going on, leaves Dot feeling very embarrassed and outraged. However without the much needed help of her friends and family, Dot is really struggling to hold everything together.

While looking after sick husband Jim, she suddenly realises she is late for work and in her haste to get to the Laundrette she looses her footing and takes a tumble down the stairs head first. Husband Jim calls out from the lounge but Dot is lying unconscious at the foot of the stairs. This is a terrible time for poor Jim as he knows his wife is hurt but is unable to get her help.

Over at the Laundrette, Kat is waiting impatiently for it to open, and Carol is confused as to why it would be shut in the first place, Kat manages to track Heather and tells her that she should open up the Laundrette as she hasn't got anything else going on in her life, this comment hurts Heather and she tells Kat that she doesn't have the keys anyway.

Both Carol and Kat head over to Dots house where they suddenly hear Dot crying out in pain, Carol is horrified when she looks through the letterbox to see Dot lying at the bottom of the stairs. Thankfully Carol has a spare key and soon Doctor Yusef is there tending to Dot while Carol comforts her Dad Jim. Dot has a broken arm but is very lucky as it could have been a lot worse.

Later Carol tells Jack that they all need to do more to help out their father and his elderly wife, but when Carol starts fussing over them it only makes Dot feel worse. Dot has always been a proud woman and insists that she can cope alone by playing down her injury.

After a while Carol return with some custard tarts but a stubborn Dot says she doesn't want them, but later Dot finally admits that she hasn't taken Jim to the toilet yet because she hasn't been able to manage it, she then thanks Carol for her help and tells her that she is grateful for it.

Later Carol tells Janine that her Grandmother Lydia is in hospital and suggests that Janine visits her, but Janine is adamant that she wants nothing to do with the woman who has never bothered with her. Later Pat returns from New Zealand and is shocked to discover what has been going on in her absence. She can't believe that Bianca is in prison and Whitney is missing and on the game, and is even more stunned when she hears Carol was sleeping with Connor prompting her to confront Carol about the situation.

Pat then angrily accuses Janine of encouraging young Whitney to go on the game, but Janine tells her she hasn't got time to chat as she is off to visit her sick Grandmother in hospital. The situation with Whitney will be all to familiar for Pat, as she was a prostitute in her younger years, I am sure Pat will be eager to find Whitney and take her under her wing.

Elsewhere Ricky is busy searching a popular red light district for step daughter Whitney, he approaches a young prostitute called Tammy who demands thirty pound in return for information on Whitney, but just as Ricky hands over the money, two police officers appear and he is arrested on suspicion of soliciting. After seven hours, he is released without charge.

Meanwhile Janine is visiting her Grandmother Lydia, and it is not hard to see where Janine got her wicked streak from. Lydia is not pleased to see Janine, and when Janine invites her Grandmother to stay with her while she recovers, Lydia tells her that she would rather stick rusty needles in her eyes than stay in Janine's poky little flat (Nice).

Later Janine visits her Gran again, telling her that her Mum would have wanted her to look after her Gran and this seems to bond them a little for now. When Janine sees Pat and Ricky later on, she tells them that Lydia is coming to stay while she gets better, they are both shocked and left wondering what is in it for Janine, so they are not really surprised when Janine reveals that she visited Lydia's massive house that looks like it is worth a fortune.

Later in the week the stress of searching for Whitney takes its toll on Ricky who tells Jay that he cant come into work as he has been searching for Whitney all night and it has tired him out.

Meanwhile Lauren is walking past the police station when she sees a girl who looks suspiciously like Whitney being escorted into the station. Lauren follows them inside to find out if its her but the police officer tells her the girl is being interviewed so she cant see her.

Lauren leaves her phone number with instructions to phone if it does turn out to be her. Later Lauren gets a missed call and rushes off to the police station, when she arrives she bumps into Whitney who looks very withdrawn and a shadow of her former self. Whitney agrees to stay at Laurens but is not ready to face her family yet. However later Lauren cant keep the secret any longer while knowing how worried her family are and so decides to let Ricky know that Whitney is back.


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