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Eastenders Michael Moon Kidnapped & Does Kat and Alfie split up?

Updated on January 20, 2014

Who Will Come Out On Top Phil or Michael??

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It has been a rocky time for Kat and Alfie's relationship lately, and things don't look like they will be approving anytime soon for the pair. Alfie suggests whisking Kat away on holiday but she knocks him back saying it is not the right time. Alfie then asks a shocked Kat what she thinks to the idea of IVF?

Kat ponders on the idea, but when Jack Branning tells her that it is not a good idea to try and paper over the cracks in her marriage, it gives Kat food for thought. Later Alfie announces that he is moving into the B&B which upsets Kat who admits she doesn't want to be left on her own. Upon hearing this Alfie agrees to stay at the pub if Kat says she loves him, if not he's leaving. Kat remains silent until Alfie prepares to leave and Kat blurts out that she is willing to give IVF a go.

The next day Alfie tells Kat that he's made them an appointment at the IVF clinic. They both get dressed up for the occasion leaving their friends and family suspicious, however Kat and Alfie decide to keep their IVF plans a secret for the time being. While at the appointment Kat tells Doctor Will about loosing Baby Tommy to cot death and a concerned Doctor Will asks Kat whether she thinks it is the right time to try for another baby. Kat assures him that it is but Alfie is unconvinced and thinks Kat bought up Baby Tommy to delay the process.

When they both get back to the pub, Kat tells Alfie that she still wants to try IVF but now is not the right time, this leads Alfie to admitting their marriage will never be like before, he tells Kat that their relationship isn't working and they both know their marriage is over.

Things are not looking good for the other Moon on the square either. It all starts when Ronnie goes on a shopping trip and so Jack takes the Baby over to the pub with him to meet up with Michael who tries to use the baby as a chick magnet. When Ronnie returns from her outing she finds a note from Jack explaining that he has taken James over the the pub. Ronnie is so scared that someone is going to guess the baby is in fact Tommy, that she rushes over to the pub to bring him home. Once she has the baby she asks Jack if he is coming home with them but Jack tells her he is in the middle of a business meeting with Michael, and a angry Ronnie leaves the pub without him. Jack has no idea why wife Ronnie is acting so strangely and as her behavior becomes more odd, Jack makes a big business decision. Jack tells Michael that he wants to work at the boxing gym full time which obviously pleases Michael no end.

When Jack tells Ronnie of his plans to run the gym with Michael she is obviously very worried, Michael is already suspicious of her and Ronnie has it in her head that he is going to work out her secret. Ronnie tries her best to put a stop to husband Jacks new business venture, and goes over to the car lot to convince Max that Jack is making a big mistake in the hope that Max will talk some sense in to him. However Max has no idea what Ronnie is talking about and so goes over to the flat to confront his Brother, leading to Jack admitting he's quitting the car lot. Ronnie warns Jack that family comes first and he should think hard before quitting his job, Jack feels guilty about leaving Brother Max in the lurch and decides to stay on at the car lot after all, but when Max sacks him, Jack has no choice but to go work with Michael after all. Ronnie pretends to Jack that she is okay about him working with Michael but later a desperate Ronnie turns to cousin Phil in the hope that Phil will scare Michael in to leaving the square just like Mum Glenda.

Phil has already taken a dislike to Michael Moon, Walford is Mitchell territory in his eyes and Michael is walking around like he owns the place. Later while Michael is parading around the square with half naked girls on his arm promoting the gym, Phil is thinking up a way to get rid of the playboy. And when Michael leaves a skip right outside the Archers, Phil sees his first opportunity. A n angry Phil warns Michael to move the skip or he will be forced to take matters in to his own hands. Michael tries to sweeten Phil by offering him free membership to his gym but when Phil reminds him that he has a heart condition, Michael realises his sweetener is not going to work this time. Later when a delivery van for the gym opening is parked right outside the Archers, Phil is fuming and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Phil has a word with the van driver and then warns Michael to get the van shifted, Michael tries to call the delivery driver but when he gets no answer, he decides to move the crates into the gym himself, but when he climbs in to the back of the van to reach the crates the door slams shut behind him and the van starts driving away with Michael trapped in the back. Michael shouts for help but his voice is drowned out by the radio and he ends up smashing his phone in a temper. When the van stops, Michael shouts for help but he is in the middle of nowhere and after smashing up his phone he has no way of contacting anyone. Who will rescue him? and will he get to his big opening in time??


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    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from South England

      Thank you Heart and Cogerson, pleased you both enjoyed it :)

    • Cogerson profile image


      7 years ago from Virginia

      thanks for another great update

    • Heart Felt Book profile image

      Cheri Taylor 

      7 years ago from New York, NY



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