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Hollywood's Ghost With The Most

Updated on September 1, 2012

Some Ghosts Who Have IT

Hollywood is no stranger to the age old ghost story, in fact one might even say they have built an empire around it. They have capitalized on the silly antics of cartoon ghosts, the eerie factors of the true ghost story and of course the thrills of a horror film with a menacing ghost. It seems every year we get treated to a plethora of Hollywood ghosts, but sadly through the years some of these ghosts have been forgotten. I wanted to jog your memory a little bit with a few ghosts that you may have loved and lost over the years. These are my picks for the ghosts who have the most!! I want to stress that these are not in depth movie reviews so don't expect to see that. This is a quick fun little guide to my 5 ghostly sensations.


A creepy old man singing scares everybody!!!

 Reverend Kane is the first spook I want to touch base with. For anyone who has not seen this terror of the big screen I suggest you get out and rent Poltergeist 2. Kane is the religion nutbag who led his congregation to their doom in hopes of finding enlightenment, what they found was how difficult it is to live caved up in a dessert with a serious mental case leading the way. Kane has come back from the dead to get little Carrol Ann to lead his followers into the light. He looks like a creepy old man who might be offering to many kids candy if you catch my drift, but harmless none the less. But, that is a deceiving look because underneath that crazy exterior is a spirit hell bent on getting what he thinks he deserves. Kane is one of those ghostly figures that doesn't just stick with you, hell it haunts you for ages to come.

Snoop Dogg as Jimmy Bones
Snoop Dogg as Jimmy Bones

Say Hello To Jimmy Bones

 I have to say when I first heard Snoop Dogg did a horror film I was not impressed as much as sickened. I love his music but he didn't strike me as a man who could hold his cane high in a horror film, boy was I wrong. Jimmy Bones is a ghost back from the grave to avenge his death at the hands of a dirty cop and without the help of his trusted friends. Jimmy kept his community alive but when he died it came tumbling down. This story gets some fuel from America's favorite past time, dumb teenagers. 4 teens try to turn Jimmy's pad into a gothic dance club and what happens next is a roller coaster of gore and guts that even Savini would smile at. Jimmy gets his revenge. I suggest everyone who hasn't seen this one do so. It  is an amazing film. Few ghosts look as sharp as Mr. Bones.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, come on say it one more time.

Few ghosts have ever tickled the funny bone while still scaring the hell out of us like Beetlejuice. Tim Burton directed this baby and Micheal Keaton made the true ghost with the most a work of art. Beetlejuice is a ghost who prides his self on getting rid of the living and after all who needs them anyways? The thing that makes him stand out as a memorable ghost is simply his wit. The sheer humor that Keaton poured into the character made him stand out. This film had so many amazing parts it would be difficult to list them all. I did however place one on the right for your enjoyment. Beetlejuice was so wildly popular that it actually spun off into a cartoon where Mr. Juice was now a good guy and friends with gothic Lydia. You know you are awesome when you get a saturday morning cartoon!

Who you gonna call?

This little guy is my favorite ghost of all time. Slimer!!! Originally known as onion head it did not take long for this green blob of great to capture the hearts of the viewing audience. Even after sliming Venkman we still can't help but love the little guy. Slimer appears in both Ghostbusters films, the animated series and even had his own spin off cartoon series. There are even rumors that he will be joining the cast of Ghostbusters 3 as, brace yourself, a ghostbuster! How cool is that? Slimer was also a spokesperson for an anti-drug campaign several years back that really captivated kids to just say no. I can recall my slimer folders and lunchbox when I attended school. How can you not love this little guy.

Another thing that really captivates about Slimer is that when the Ghostbusters toys were at their peak Slimer was the most popular toy. His bulbous head has been plastered on school boxes, t-shirts, posters, and even made into a dancing bank.

A shocker for my final choice....

 Finally Casper. That's right, the friendly little ghost. Casper began as a comic book and was soon highlighting cartoon reels. Of course that variation of casper is not the one I want to focus on. I am talking major motion picture Casper, with Christina Ricci. This was an amazing film that gave us a ghost we could love, and three ghosts we could love to hate. Those three were Casper's not so friendly uncles Stinky, Fatso, and Stretch. The film takes us on a ride stopping every so often to explore the ideas of love, friendship, and death. What's not to love about this one? Casper, the film was something that originally made me just want to avoid it at all cost, but after setting down and watching it I can honestly say I loved it! I suggest you check this one out for sure.

You decide

Which ghost has the most to boast?

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Come on all you hubbers, let me know your five ghost with the most. Place your list in the comments section or even better hub about it and let me know who you think could scare the socks off your mother, although that could be a bad idea. Anyways, let me know which ghosties make your skin crawl or your funny bone burst!


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