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Horror Film Reviews: Hellraiser

Updated on March 10, 2014

Hellraiser Film Review

Hellraiser is one of my personal favourites of the horror genre and one that did scare me as a kid, with the skinless dead uncle Frank, but it was technically a good movie with some gory effects that were brilliant and they still stand up today much like the American Werewolf in London when he changes into a werewolf.

Hellraiser based on a story by Clive Barker, a great horror writer of the macabre and also with that other film he directed Rawhead Rex which was another ace film, he is one of the best horror writers alongside Stephen King for creating believable characters in horrifying situations and nightmarish imaginings.

Back to the film, Hellraiser is one of them films that you remember long after you've watched it and also Pinhead the main villain of the story together with hells own cenobites are what makes the movie, even though they are beyond fetish, they are tortured evil leather clad creatures that are trying to get back the puzzle box as it is a doorway to hell and that's how Frank comes back through the floor boards of his brothers house.

The story involves a girl and her dad and her wicked stepmother moving into Franks old house, but later there's some blood splashed on the floor of where Frank died upstairs and this brings him back to life, all be it a skinless living corpse at first, but later we find out that the wicked stepmother was having an affair with good old uncle Frank and so the evil Frank gets her to bring a few idiots back and kill them so he can take their flesh and make him whole again and this works up to a point, until Hell wants to take him back and also the puzzlebox too.

Pinhead is the leader of the cenobites and they are almost like ringleaders of hell that round up the souls and revel in the torture of them, this was a fine horror film that has spawned three sequels and soon to be a remake of the original film( Remakes bah!)

Hellrasier Movie Review

Hellraiser Movie Review.
Hellraiser Movie Review.

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Hellraiser Horror Movie Review

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    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      Hellraisor is my favorite horror movie. At a time when most movie involved stupid teens running around like chicken's with their heads cut off untill they run across the insane deformed masked killer who, er, cuts their heads off, This movie actually had a PLOT.

      The torture porn movie like Saw & hostel are continuing the run on water thin plots.