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House: Perils of Paranoia

Updated on April 21, 2013

House: Perils of Paranoia

Gregory House is back from prison, clean and on parole. Foreman rehired him without all of his perks. And House has had to start over from the very beginning but he has made great strides in regaining many of his former privileges. He has regained many of his privileges including his old office; complete funding for his department and a new diagnostic team. He has Dr. Park and Dr. Adams who are both females as new team members and he rehires Dr. Chase and Dr. Toub from his old team. House often pit the new diagnostic team against the old diagnostic team. And Dr. Adams is quite the humanitarian which is quite opposite of House and makes them have great chemistry.

Wilson is back. And he is still friends with House but for very unexplainable reasons.

And House is clean which makes House more sensitive and yet still very manipulative.

The season has been a very different as it focuses more on the characters and less on the cases. The cases seem almost incidental. Even though House is clean, well as clean as House gets. He is still drinking, self absorbed and a pessimist.

Dr. Adams and Dr. Park don’t get along and House is exploiting their differences.

A lawyer has chest pain, paranoia and an arsenal of weapons in his home.

Dr. Toub, Foreman’s former roommate, is trying to find Foreman a girlfriend.

Wilson confronts House about his addiction to anarchy. Wilson breaks into House’s apartment to see if he owns a gun but House traps Wilson.

As with every show I am half way through the show and I don’t wish to spoil it for you so I am ending my review here.


I think the interchange between House and Wilson is hysterically funny. I love that Dr. Toub is so concerned for Foreman. And Dr. Park and Dr. Adams chemistry asserting themselves as the alpha female is also quite funny. Most women in male dominated fields bind together in order to avoid sexual harassment and discrimination.

But like I have previosuly stated this season seems to be focused less on the actual medical drama and more on the characters. Which is different but still good.


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