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How to make a movie with Microsoft Paint

Updated on April 12, 2013

The 1st step

1st thing that you need to do is just draw a picture in paint. Don't try to over complicate it, don't worry about having a story put together or anything, that can come later. Get comfortable with it first.

You don't want to write a nice 5 minute story and find you need a few hundred frame to make it and give up before you begin.

So, something simple, maybe a circle, then after saving it simply move the circle to another location on the screen. After you have 5 or 6 pictures you'll have enough to make a simple quick film.

Let's look at an example...

Example Film

What do we have so far

So, as you can see from these 6 simple frames, is that you can have something to play with really quickly.

It is really easy to spend hours drawing something and then find that it looks a bit jumpy when you put it all together. Maybe you moved something to far one frame.

So by starting with a few test pieces you can find these sort of things out. Find the frame rate that works for what you are trying to show. You might find that everything you create is at a different rate.

Play around and have a few funny projects, Sumo Films wasn't thought up until a few uploads had been completed, it wasn't what I initially intended for the creations. I think I had Bang & Ocean as a couple of my uploads while also making little animations. They mean nothing to the outsider looking in but to me they mean everything as they enabled me to create larger projects with more ease.

100th Film


When it comes to creating your first film. Try not to take on too much too soon. Don't try to put yourself of by taking on to larger project.

Have something in mind and try to have a rough idea of how many frames will be required to accomplish it. You may be able to do it in 2 or it might be 80 just for a few seconds of film so be prepared.

And have fun, take a break if needed, I remember while making Hammy's Revenge I took almost a year off for other projects and Xbox :) to stop me going mad with all the frames.

Don't over complicate the story. When you have an idea, whether it's for something quick or a little longer, try story boarding it to get an idea of how long it will be. How much will be involved.

Try not to over complicate it at first, have something in mind and after a few frames you will be able to achieve it.


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