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Hungarian HubNuggets: My Name is Sue

Updated on August 25, 2016

When I first joined HubPages I stumbled around flicking from Hubber to Hubber, like we all do in the beginning, in order to see what’s what. But one of the Hubbers I came across caused me to dig my heels in and rise on my hind legs in surprise and pleasure. Just the profile was a demonstration of the culture, the intelligence and the literary ability of the author. I thought that if this is the level of the Inmates here, I am done for and I had better see how well I can do at ping pong or knitting instead of writing. And on top of everything, the author was also an “Elite” (and here you are supposed to rise and remove your hats in reverence and respect) AND,even more impressively,  Zsuzsy Bee is a Hungarian! I fell in love. A platonic and childish love it is true, but love nevertheless.

I like Hungarians. The same as I like Austrians. It is one of those things where the first person of any particular nationality you meet, creates that unreasonable prejudice for or against that race. Irrational I know, but there it is.


I met my first Hungarian during an International Fencing Event, held in Athens. I was accompanying the Cyprus team as the Vice President of the Cyprus Fencing Federation and my first Hungarian acquaintance was my opposite number for the Hungarian Federation. He was a doctor by profession and we hit it off straight away, like long lost brothers. Shortly after the Hungarians wiped the floor with us and everyone else at the competition and I went back home with my ears down to my knees, braying in agony, I received an invitation from him to visit the fencing installations of the Hungarian Federation. They are leaders in fencing and he was generous enough to offer to give me some tips on how to avoid total embarrassment in the sport.

A few weeks later I combined a business trip to Athens and took the flight to Budapest from there. The Hilton in Budapest is built on a hill on an ancient site and the authorities ensured that the modern structure made allowances for the guest to be able to see the remnants of that ancient site through transparent flooring. In the evening my Hungarian friend came to take me to his home for dinner.

It was just before the fall of communism and his family’s wonderful huge apartment in the centre had been split up into small units and there were other families living there. When I mentioned the Hussars, he made signs for me not to mention the unmentionables. The dinner was delicious mince meat and vegetables wrapped in cabbage and cooked in a way that had caused me to loose all shame and ask for seconds and thirds.


Next day he took me to the fencing installations and, because in Athens we had discussed our mutual weakness for horse riding, he took me to a horse farm and we cantered in the snow on beautiful, well kept and well trained powerful horses. It was a truly memorable day.

One of the things that impressed me in communist Budapest was an automated traffic system I have not seen anywhere else in the world. As one drove along a main road, electronic signs gave you the speed at which you had to travel if you wanted to avoid traffic lights! How cool is that?

In the evening I invited my new friends to join me at a restaurant for dinner and they recommended one that specialized in game. I decided to implement the De Greek Method of Culinary Cultural Research and Education. What this means is that one orders one of each of the items listed on the menu. ALL the items. It took some time for both the waiters and my guests to grasp the practicalities of this method, but eventually we had a wonderfully unique dinner.

Now why am I telling you lot all this in a so-called HubNuggets hub, whose previous authors have traditionally concentrated on writing gems calculated to interest, elevate and amuse the populace? Well everyone else is talking about going to France to learn to cook, going on a spaceship to conquer new worlds, or on a cowboy adventure…and what does this have to do with our Hungarian “Elite”?

It appears that our Hungarian Zsuzsy Bee has a preference for the name Sue. According to her,

“I can't help it I like the name Suzanne in all of its shapes and forms. My name in Hungarian was Zsuzsika (which means little Susi), when I was growing up in Belgium I was called Susi, then when I started highschool I changed it to the mature Suzanne... My first boyfriend used to call me Sue... my X Susan, my pen name is the Hungarian version Zsuzsy. I'm always glad when I meet someone new with that great name”.

So you see, I have no other option but to change my name to Sue. How else can I hope to have my (platonic) love returned? Meanwhile,

Her name will tremble in a feeble moan,

And love with fate divide my dying groan.

........................................................................(Edward Young - 1681 - 1765)

Besides, she is Hungarian and knows fencing...

Dimitris Mita

De Greek



BUT, because unlike me, the other "Elites" have bulging foreheads which are necessary to accommodate their massive brains, they expect me to act with seriousness and decorum and to introduce this week's nominees, so....


The Nominees are ...




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