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Impractical Jokers, Big Success- Tru Tv

Updated on May 10, 2015

The Impractical Jokers


Impractical Jokers DVD

One Season of Impractical Jokers & Success

Almost out of nowhere Impractical Jokers appeared on True Tv in December 2011 on and the hilarious foursome became instantly addicting to viewers. Tru tv ran approximately 9 shows over the next several weeks, often featuring back to back episodes of a new Impractical Jokers episode immediately following a re- run. Suddenly the show stopped and the internet buzzed, "what happened to Impractical jokers?" Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, James Murray, and Q's twitter accounts along with facebook fan pages were bombarded with Joker fans who were in need of their Impractical Jokers fix. It was announced that the show would return for more episodes March 29th on Tru tv, at the usual time of 10:00PM. For weeks fans have been anxiously waiting to see if the four Jokers could pull it off again. One always wonders after an excellent and laughing out loud first round of episodes, if it was just a flash in the pan, or if these four could really put together another dozen Joker classics that could live up to that instant sensation that the first round delivered.

After viewing Impractical Jokers for several seasons now,I think we can safely say that we are in for another side splitting season of nonsense no matter how much time the foursome are away from the limelight. Not only are the Jokers consistently funny, just as in the original 9 epidsodes, but the boys added a little something extra for their fans after season one, a live video chat, unfortunately for the numerous fans who were tuning in, the internet crashed from apparently too many fans clamoring at the same time. Keep up the great work guys!

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Impractical Jokers at Costco


Joe, Q, Sal And Murr Hit It Big!

In real life the guys are not the clowns they pretend to be in front of the cameras. It may look like all fun and games but these four had been practicing their routines for at least ten years without pay. They all had regular day time jobs and in their spare time they worked out skits that they called "The Tenderloins." It seemed that their little cluster of fans that they had slowly built in Long Island would be all they would ever see until the foursome decided to give their ideas one last serious attempt at gaining a national audience. Joe wangled a slot on Tru Tv that was to be a trial basis only. Originally, Impractical Jokers did not even get one full season, but half of a season. No one thought the show would last.

After the first episode aired the Impractical Jokers had a following of intrigued viewers who eagerly waited to see if the Jokers second episode would be as entertaining as the first, to their delight, it was every bit as funny, and the whole half season was literally devoured by viewers who continued to mount by the thousands each week. The guys were overwhelmed as tweets and facebook posts demanding more Impractical Jokers, whether it be behind the scenes footage, personal stories from the guys or Impractical Jokers out takes, the fans clamored for more. The half season turned out to add fuel to the popularity of the foursome as the episodes suddenly ended just at the peak of the shows popularity and it kept the fans pining for more.

Impractical Jokers will be around for more seasons and the sky is the limit as to when the ideas will finally dry up.

Murr & Joe


Impractical Jokers Having Fun

The boys are enjoying their new found celebrity status along with their creative and financial independence. The guys are friendly and grateful to their fans and viewers, allowing themselves to be photographed in the streets of Long Island and answering blog posts whenever possible.

They take the time and energy to make their show as entertaining as possible. Each of the guys makes every effort to squeeze as much humor our of each situation as possible. The bond the boys have is not just one of high school pranksters, but of struggling business men, which is what they had been in the years since leaving school, and before Impractical Jokers fame. They worked hard and struggled together for many years, never giving up on their dream. The whole entrepreneurial aspect of their bond makes their story all the more interesting to Americans who are still feeling the pain of the weak economy.


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