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List Of Mood Uplifting Songs That Will Make You Dance.

Updated on April 6, 2015 | Source

Shake It

I've previously wrote two parts of lists about calming and relaxing songs and I decided to write a list of the top beautiful songs that will get you crazy, uplift your mood and make you just dance!To check out the other lists, please move your sight a bit lower right under this section.

Note that this list may include songs from two or three or more languages, just listen and give it a try.

I personally love to share songs from different languages because music is the only possible mean that I feel can bring people together and connect them all from all around the world!

Search for each song directly by right clicking on each name of a song then click on "Search Google for example".

Let's start for now!

Let's Dance!

1- Gamze- Deli Gibi Dj Murat Aydin Remix ( Turkish)

I recommend you listen to this song by this remix, it made it more beautiful in my opinion. Deli gibi means " Like a crazy" the song talks about a woman who wouldn't simply give up on her love and would act crazily in loving him, this song will really get you hyper and active! Just listen and judge!

2- Elvana Gjata - Kudo qe jam -Extended Version - ( Albanian)

This song has beats that really resemble those American Pop music, it's beautiful! I haven't personally checked what the songs means or its translation into English in other words but its music will just make you want to just get up and shake it!

3- Maurizio Gubellini - The World Never Sleeps 2012

I'm sure you're familiar with this song and if you're not then go ahead right now and check it out! This song just makes me shiver every time I listen to it and I personally just dance crazily when it's on!

4- Selena Gomez - Undercover ( Dancing With The Stars Album)

If you ask me about my favorite song from Selena Gomez's newest album then I would choose this song! It's incredibly beautiful, it has those beats that I just can't describe how much I loved and of course Selena's beautiful role in covering such a wonderful song! She's my favorite artist, she just inspires me! I also wrote an article about the things to love about this beautiful girl, check it out right in this link below! | Source

5- Shakira - Rabiosa

I can remember the time when I acted totally stupid and just spent my whole time dancing when I put this song in the car with my friends on our way to the beach! It gave me so much joy and amusement, this song will make you too dance for sure!

6- Inna Feat Win & Play - Inndia

This song has great beats and melodies! The part when Inna starts singing her role in the song makes the song even more interesting and beautiful, I love how this singer gives the songs all what she can and able to, she just sings with so much feelings!

7- Akcent - Boracay

This song was one of the songs that I just put in my "favorites" playlist and I just kept on replaying it over and over again, it has great music and vocals! Check it out if you're not familiar with it!

8- Enca - A Po Tpelqen (Official Video)

This is a new rising and charming female Albanian singer, this song is in the Albanian language. This can be a great summer hit and when the singer put the teaser video on Youtube it was actually my first time to ever get excited for the whole song to get released! You better check it out!

9- Sadriddin Najmiddin- Oshiqam ( Persian)

This is one of my favorite songs ever! It has inspired me to think about learning the Persian language! It might have beats that you wouldn't actually be familiar with if you're a pop or an R&B listener but I say that you better give this song a try and listen, you wouldn't lose a thing!

10- Nyusha - Ivishe ( Russian )

This song is also one of my favorites I just can't stop listening to it, this song makes me so happy and it fills me with great feelings and makes me active! The music is just beyond awesome and it's a shame to rate this song because it's beyond ratings in my opinion! Please give it a try and listen to this amazing song and I'm sure you'll love it!

Musical Note Gate | Source

11- Inshallah- Mohamed Kammah ( Arabian: Egyptian Dialect)

This song was composed and sang by an aspiring Singer who got the opportunity into joining the musical world from a program called " Star Academy" it's the place that helped him get his fame and ability to make some music, this song is really expressive and it has great music, why not check it out?

12- Ellie Goulding - Lights

This song got the opportunity to get featured in a movie which Selena Gomez acted in, called " Spring Breakers" I'm sure you're familiar with this movie and this great British artist, this song is just so expressive and mood uplifting and if it happens that you don't know it then you really should check it out right now!

13- Beyonce Feat Shakira : Beautiful Liar

This song became a very big hit when it first got launched and published, it's such a shame that these two great artists are not doing any duets together anymore while we would totally appreciate and love to see these two creating music and performing together! Who's with me on that?

14- Indila - SOS ( Remix par Julian Florea)

This great singer of Algerian-Hindi roots can do whatever she wants with her creative voice! This song (French) will totally uplift your mood and make you feel better, just give it a try and listen!

15- In Yan (Инь-Ян)- Kamikaze (Камикадзе)~ Russian

This song will take you into a total different world, the music, the vocals, the distribution of the lyrics along with the beats and the melodies is just perfect! This song is the definition to perfection! I just love it! It's such a shame that this song isn't so much popular although it really does deserve to get over millions of views! This song gives me many thrills and great things to imagine and feel! Please take just three minutes of your time and listen to this masterpiece!!

So I guess that's it for this list, I hope you enjoyed and listened to some or all or even one of these songs, there will be new lists posted soon so try to track this link as I'll be adding the links of the new lists when I add them and post them right here in this page!


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    • RanaKm profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      That's the idea of my list, I want people to check out these amazing songs, I'm glad you found at least one song in which you're familiar with though, thanks for passing by (:

    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i have never listen to those songs except no. 13, do shake me up a little and my son too


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