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List Of Top Relaxing Songs Ever ( Part Two)

Updated on February 9, 2015 | Source


After I got some nice feed backs about my part one "list of top relaxing songs ever" I decided to write part two to this list, as I have so many other beautiful songs to mention and add to the list.

It would be really nice if you guys just give it a little of your time to check the list out and I'm sure you'll like it!

I usually put this kind of songs when I first wake up or clean the house or cook or shower or eat and when I write articles.

Okay, so I guess I listen to them the whole time or let's say most of the times because I really like listening to such music, it brings peace to my mind, relaxes my body, regulates my mood and softens all the pressure and stress that I might be going through.

So I want you too guys to experience the things that I experience while listening to such music and I want to share them with you.

Let's start!

List Of Top Relaxing Songs

Note: This list will also include songs from more than two or three languages so get familiar and prepared for that, just check them out and I'm sure you'll love them!

1- Toygar Isikli- Cok Gec

This song is Turkish, " cok gec means it's too late" , the singer's voice is just so soft to hear and the music is also so soft, everything sounds to be perfectly distributed, just check it out!

2- Cara Dillon- The maid

This song will make you feel as if you're in a fairy tale, it tells a beautiful soft story! You have to check it out! It makes me kind of sad that this singer isn't that famous because her voice is simply so beautiful! I just can't describe it!

3- Ellie Goulding-Your biggest mistake

The lyrics of this song tell a very beautiful story and I'm sure you're familiar with this great British singer and if you are not then you better check out her songs right now!

4-Indila -Tourner Dans Le Vide (French)

This singer is half Algerian and half Hindi, at least that's what I read about her. Her voice is just perfect and beautiful! This song contains some higher pitch but it's still so beautiful and relaxing, check it out!

5-Arash ft Helena - Pure love ( English And Farsi)

I'm sure you're familiar with this song and if it happens that you're not then just check it out, it's viral and deserves to be as such! Check it out!

6-Sheryfa Luna - quelque part (French)

This song is not recent at all, in fact I've been listening to it in the past 3 to 5 years! Because it's simply amazing! You have to check it out right now! You can also find its translation online so don't worry about not understanding what it says if you don't know French!

7-Birdy- All you never say

Almost all of this singer's songs give me shivers and I'm sure they will give you shivers too! This song tells about a girl whose lover has never said that he loves her, listen to how beautiful she sings this song with all her feelings! She's definitely one of my favorite artists ever!

8-Christina Perri - Arms

This singer is famous and I'm sure you've heard of her before and if you didn't then just check out this beautiful relaxing songs! Its lyrics are also meaningful and expressive!

9-Craig David ft Sting - Rise n fall

This song is kind of old but it never gets old to listen to, it's such an amazing song and I'm sure you've heard it before I just wanted to add it to the list because it's awesome!

10-Ramona Hanganu-Pentru tine (Romanian)

Pentru tine means " For you" yes this song should be definitely for you! It's very romantic and soft! Just put it while you sit under the beautiful moon light and dream~

11-The Radio Dept - I Don t Like It Like This

This song reminds me of a sweet journey, it's so relieving and relaxing. You have to listen to it!

12-Ayman zbib - Neb2a sawa (Arabic: Lebanese Dialect)

This song is just so soft and beautiful, I never met someone who knows this song and not die for it because it's just amazing. The music is just so perfectly matching the singer's voice and the lyrics are about love, check it out!

13-Yalin- Onun Yolu (Turkish)

This singer is one of my favorite Turkish singers! Most of his songs are just awesome and I have most of them! onun yolu means " Her/his own way" The music is just romantic and it will make you dance with love.

14- Grayson Kessenich - Imaginary World

This song will make you want to sleep right after you listen to it! It's just amazing and so relaxing! You have to listen to it and I promise you'll love it! The lyrics will make you also imagine beautiful things so you will be attending to go to sleep while having beautiful thoughts inside your head.

15- Sarah McLachlan - Angel

This song will make you shiver! It also has beautiful lyrics, vocals and music! Just perfect! It's a must that you check it out right now! It's super!

That's it for the list of Part Two, I might be doing lists of songs that can make you shake it and dance in the future, just give me feed backs about this list and the list of part one as well - its link is mentioned above -thanks for taking your time to read this!

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