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Miley Cyrus Quits Twitter Big Deal

Updated on December 13, 2010

Why's The Media Making Such A Big Deal About This?


What’s the entire buzz about Miley Cyrus quitting twitter?  It’s simple; there shouldn’t be any because she’s just being a normal teenage girl who just happens to be famous, rich with millions of fans around the world.   So how did the media turn this into a major story? Simple, they make it about teenage peer pressure by going on about her boyfriends influence on her to quit the popular social network website.  Miley Cyrus although not quite an adult is a very intelligent young lady who’s image has not yet been tarnished, she is quite capable of making her own decisions but does not seem like the type of young lady to be overcome by peer pressure. Miley has stated that her reasons for deleting her Twitter account were simply for reasons of privacy, whether or not this is true it’s really not for others to question. Twitters can censor what they want to say at any giving time, I mean they are doing the tweeting so why tweet about something private knowing it will be seen by millions of followers?  I have a twitter but I don’t use it as much, even if I were to use it on a regular basis I wouldn’t air all my dirty laundry for the world to see but to each his or her own.  I say the media should back off on this story because it’s really nothing compared to other things happening in the news or media, Miley Cyrus has been doing great, and she’s living a good life as many youngsters who reach success at such an early age tend to get reality twisted. Everyone’s a fan of Hannah Montana’s, Miley is drawing the line between being a celebrity and having a life not for all to see, I say way to go Miley!

Miley & Hannah

A Little Background History On Our Teen Celeb


Miley Cyrus born Destiny Hope Cyrus who is the daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus plays the character of Disney’s Hannah Montana who hit success instantly and in 2008 was listed # 35 in the Forbes celebrity 100 list that basically breaks down what the top celebs are earning, her earnings for that year were reportedly 25 million but is definitely a lot more now, not bad for any 16 year old.  Hannah Montana first aired on March 24, 2006 averaging more than four million viewers per episode. The Hannah Montana show is based on a teen who leads a double life as a pop star, kind of sounds like her actual life. With much recording success her latest “Party in the U.S.A” is holding its own and the 2009 North American Tour is said to be going excellent.  She became a spokesperson for Daisy Rock Guitars in 2004, Disney released a Hannah Montana clothing line in the summer of 2007, she has a wax figure at Madame Tussauds in New York, has a autobiography that reached number 1 on children’s best seller list, even raised 1 million for charity at a 16th birthday celebration at Disneyland attended by 5000 fans at $250 per ticket. Miley attends church regularly with family, she’s just an average teenager whose being raised right despite the social status, deleting her twitter account on October 8, 2009 is nothing compared to all she’s done in so little time for the good of others.

Miley Cyrus And Dating


Some teens even at the age of sixteen aren’t ready for the dating life but I guess if they have their heads on straight it’s acceptable in many cases.  Mileys has dated a few of the cutest young guys in Hollywood starting with a two year relationship with Nick Jonas that ended in 2007, a nine month relationship with Nashville contestant and model Justin Gastin, and now dating Liam Hemsworth.  Miley is sure to be making many more headlines in the future, she’s growing up and its going to be stressful for people to let her grow up buts its definitely going to happen, at least she knows that the image she puts out there is what will make her or break her. Let’s all hope that the fame never breaks her, that she has a long and fabulously great career. Also Daddy Cyrus, you see Miley all the time, you know what’s going on in her life, why are you asking for her return to Twitter?  Could it be so that you can Tweet her home for dinner?


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    • brandonfowler66 profile image

      brandonfowler66 8 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      Right, its funny how things like this make headlines across the nation on top of everything going on with economy right now but its the media, Miley could really care less along with many others what people say.

    • THE LIP profile image


      I wouldn't give a damn if Miley Cyrus quits facebook,orkut,myspace and wherever else she has an account so long as it's her own decision and not forced upon her by a narrow-minded, inferiority complexed boyfriend who thinks for her.

      Nobody is going to miss Miley Cyrus, so will the media stop tweeting as though 9/11 has been repeated.Wonder when the media is going to shed it's herd mentaility?Am sure several fake Miley accounts wud have mushroomed on twitter.