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Movies Like Gladiator - Movie Recommendations

Updated on February 20, 2014

Movies Like Gladiator Introduction

Below are some movies that are quite similar to Gladiator.

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300 | Source


300 is probably one of the most entertaining fighting movies I have seen. The directing of the scenes and also the detail they put in the show is awesome. You get to see the war between the Spartans and the Persians. It is also somewhat a David vs Goliath scenario, except that the story is different. There is also a smeagol like character, which is really surprising given that you rarely see such a weird character in a show like that.

The childhood of most Spartans are also very harsh, as they have to fight to the death in order to survive. However, that also made the individuals extremely tough and strong in character. It is only then a child can survive the hardships they face. King Xerxes is also a very unique figure that resembles Dalshim from Street Fighter.

King Arthur
King Arthur | Source

King Arthur(2004)

The Roman Empire extended their conquest and is spread across many different nations. As they look to expand their empire, they looked for skilled and powerful warriors to fight for them. They happened to fight against the brave Sarmatian cavalry and were very impressed with their combat skills.

They ended up including them for their army. Their leader of the army is Arthur. As they are about to achieve their freedom, they need to fulfill one last task and that is to rescue a Roman priest and his family from the Saxons. The twist is that there are some British rebels that hate the Romans...

Troy | Source


The Queen of Sparta gets convinced to elope with the Trojan Prince. This sparked an already burning rivalry between 2 great nations. This is the chance for the Greeks to take on the undefeated Trojans. To make it long story short, the Greeks came up with a genius idea of sending a wooden horse to Troy and sneaking in warriors in the horse. They came out at night to slaughter the drunken Trojan warriors. Will this be the demise of Troy?

I enjoyed this movie a lot because Diane Kruger is in it. The battle between Eric Bana(Prince Hector) and Achilles(Brad Pitt) was also a classic fight that was intense and emotional to watch.

Last Samurai
Last Samurai | Source

The Last Samurai(2003)

Tom Cruise stars in this movie as Captain Nathan Algren. The emperor of Japan hires a well respected American military official to train the nation's first modern warfare army. They want to eradicate the ancient samurais.

The twist is that he starts getting impressed with the way of the samurai and now he is torn between his own allegiance and the new found honor he saw in the samurais. The movie has some really touching scenes and also some stuff that really touched my heart.

The scene where they charge towards the battlefield of death was really well done.

Thor | Source


Thor is being kicked out of the fantastic realm by his dad(Odin) for being an arrogant prick. As a result, he is sent to Earth as punishment and is forced to live with human beings. He ends up falling in love with a human being. His powers are called to action as a villain from his realm starts sending forces to invade Earth.

This movie is more fun and relaxed unlike 300, which is more serious. If you like some inside jokes and entertainment, this movie will do it for you. The second movie just came out recently in 2013 and I also recommend it that you watch as well.

Beowulf | Source


King Hrothgar's realm and empire is severely threatened by a powerful demon. A huge bounty reward is given to anyone who slays this demon. In comes Beowulf, a strong and brave warrior who is ready to take on the challenge. He defeats the demon and received his reward.

However, he finds his soldiers getting killed in the castle and he chases down the culprit. It turns out to be the doing of the demons mother. He chases her down. The demon takes the form of a seductive woman and promises Beowulf that he could becoming the King if he makes love to her. This only happens in movies. Years later though, Beowulf starts to pay the price...


There you have it guys. Hoped you enjoyed a list of movies like Gladiator!


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