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Music Appreciation Fest: Volume 4 - Christina Lee [Christina Christensen]

Updated on January 11, 2011
MAF: Volume 4 presents...
MAF: Volume 4 presents...
Christina Christensen, AKA Christina Lee
Christina Christensen, AKA Christina Lee

Getting To Know Christina Christensen, AKA Christina Lee

Back in February 2010, I had the great privilege of getting to know Christina a little better. I had heard great things about her voice from her sister, Ali Christensen, but I had not seen or heard her for myself. Ali had directed me to her new myspace page at the time,, and I finally got a chance to hear that strong, beautiful voice that Ali had talked about. Christina has a recording of this beautiful song called "Broken Wing" on her page, and it gave me chills instantly... similar to the impact of discovering Ali Christensen's myspace page for the first time. I was already a big fan without even finishing the song. I was captivated.

I had just written my volume 3 article of my "Music Appreciation Fest," featuring Ali Christensen [AKA AlexaRae], and I knew that I wanted to also feature her sister, Christina, in the next volume of Music Appreciation Fest. I designed MAF to feature not only well-known talented music artists, but those who are destined for "no less than musical stardom" as I described the two in my volume 3 article.

I had put together some interview questions for Christina to give us a closer look at who she is. My computer soon crashed, and until recently I had no way of editing pictures or accessing the other info I needed for the article, but it is my pleasure to now give you that close-up of Miss Christina Lee. She has since become a musical star with her sister, Ali, on the television show, America's Got Talent, Season 5. She & her sister Ali were both in the Top 10 Finals of the show and will be going on tour for six weeks starting in October with the rest of the Top 10 acts, so keep in mind that she sent me her responses to the questions in February of 2010, so some answers may be different after a few months:

An Interview w/ Christina Christensen - February 2010

Sevy: What style of music do you enjoy performing the most?

Christina: I love Pop and Country Music the most!

Sevy: How do you describe your music to people?

Christina: I would describe my music as a Country Pop sound.

Sevy: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What are your hobbies?

Christina: I come from a family of 4 kids. I just lost my Sister, and I miss her. My family has always taught me and my siblings to stay positive and find our strength. I love to sing and dance and do gymnastics. I love to eat out and go to movies.

Sevy: What inspires you to do what you do?

Christina: I grew up with about 75 kids coming through my home every week. My Mom is a singing teacher. So singing comes naturally.

Sevy: Who is your biggest musical influence (a music artist you look up to)?

Christina: My biggest musical influence is Selena Gomez

Sevy: What are your dreams and goals?

Christina: I dream of being a professional singer and actress on the Disney Channel.

Sevy: How does music affect you?

Christina: All music affects me for good if the song is good and the words are up lifting.

Sevy: What new music projects are you working on?

Christina: I'm working on two new original songs. One is called "Two Hills" and the other is a pop rock song that has no name yet!

Sevy: What do you believe to be the biggest obstacles for music artists?

Christina: It's so hard to make it big in music. There is sooooo much talent out there.

Sevy: If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Christina: If I could perform anywhere I would sing on the big stage with Selena Gomez!

Dreams Do Come True

At the end of my message to Christina with the interview questions, I ended with,

"I'm really excited to feature you in "Music Appreciation Fest: Volume 4"! You & Ali both inspire me very much, and I love hearing your music. Keep doing what you do! Hold onto your dreams and passions in life! They will take you far! Your pal, Ryan"

It is evident that the dreams of Christina and of her sister, Ali, have begun to manifest as they start on a journey that offers endless potential opportunities for the both of them. I'm excited to see where the pursuit of their dreams will continue to lead them. I would not at all be surprised if Christina Christensen reaches her dream of one day becoming a professional singer and actress on the Disney Channel, as well as one day performing on the big stage with Selena Gomez. This may be in a nearer future than one could have imagined.

"All our dreams can come true... if we have the courage to pursue them."

- Walt Disney

Born To Be A STAR

Of course, someone with as much natural talent as Christina didn't just pop up out of nowhere, without having some sort of evidence to lead up to the beautifully talented girl we see today. Christina has been singing and performing "since before she can remember," according to an interview on America's Got Talent 2010 from her first feature on the show, at the Portland auditions.

I'm willing to bet that Christina was one of those children who would pick up an object that could even slightly resemble a microphone, so she could use it to pretend she is singing on stage. I have no proof of this currently, but I could imagine her standing in front of a mirror with her hairbrush microphone, singing her heart out just as if she was on a stage for a show televised to millions of people... or grabbing the TV controller out of someone's hand to use as her microphone standing in front of the television to get everyone's attention. Maybe I'm wrong, but with Christina's natural use of the microphone, I know she didn't just get it down out of nowhere. She works the microphone like she has been doing it for years and years, and I would bet money that she has gotten practice with MANY types of microphones, both real and creatively imaginary ones.

But Christina was born to be more than just a singer . She has a whole package going for her to be an outstanding performer. As mentioned in her interview, she would like to be an actress as well as a professional singer on The Disney Channel, and evidence shows that she has everything it takes to put on a great performance with great stage presence, with passion, and with an absolute love for what she does. She has a love for the camera and can do it all... from dancing, to singing & acting.

Christina's parents have always encouraged her to reach for her dreams and stay positive no matter what. This has become a great foundation for the growth of the great performer we know as Christina Christensen [Christina Lee].

Christina with her adorable niece, who enjoys singing (and sings beautifully, as I have heard from a special recording of her singing "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus), following right in the footsteps of Christina and Ali
Christina with her adorable niece, who enjoys singing (and sings beautifully, as I have heard from a special recording of her singing "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus), following right in the footsteps of Christina and Ali
Christina and Ali Christensen
Christina and Ali Christensen
Christina and Ali's T-Shirt Design W/ Their Slogan, "Sing. Breathe. Smile"
Christina and Ali's T-Shirt Design W/ Their Slogan, "Sing. Breathe. Smile"

Christina's Got Talent

America's Got Talent has proven to be an excellent stepping stone for Christina Christensen's future as an entertainer/performer. And those of us who have followed both Christina and Ali's journey on America's Got Talent, Season 5, have seen and heard that CHRISTINA's Got Talent! My goodness! She as well as her sister, Ali, have given wonderful performances that have left a standing mark on America. Their positive influence on others is almost like a drug in its effect to create enthusiastic "raving fans." Those who understand the business world, whether it be the music business or any other business realm, understand the importance of creating "raving fans ," those who become such great supporters that it shows by more than just words, but by their actions. Christina and Ali's fans not only enjoy what they do and their amazing story, they find ways to act on their interest in the girls' act, by telling others about them, writing articles about them (as I am doing right now... yes, I am a raving fan of Christina and Ali Christensen), voting for them in the competition, etc. You know someone has more than just an average talent when they can naturally attract these raving fans .

As a raving fan of Christina and Ali, it is my duty to support them and encourage you all to visit their official website,, where you can support the two. America's Got Talent gave them a great foundation to begin their journey, and by visiting their website, we can keep up with their growth and journey that goes beyond just what we saw from them on AGT.

Christina and Ali's Top 10 Performance on America's Got Talent - "I Love You, I Do"

Two Of A Kind

How can two sisters love each other so much and share so many of the same passions/talents? It is an incredible thing to witness the love and happiness that Christina and Ali share for each other. They share a unique bond with each other and the rest of their family, a bond that illuminates from them this peacefully captivating joy, a joy that others will inevitably catch. It has enabled them to touch the hearts of America through their effort on America's Got Talent. People can see something special in their character/actions that speaks much louder than words. For Christina and Ali, there is no acting involved in showing care for each other, because it is genuine.

Christina and Ali Christensen are two sisters who go through similar challenges as they and their brother and sister were all four born with Cystic Fibrosis. Their older sister, April, passed away a little over a year ago, and they have chosen to stay positive in everything they do and in everything they pursue, making the best of life, dedicating a piece of their journey to their sister whom they love and miss dearly. It has not been an easy battle for Christina and Ali, but they know what it means to stick together and truly care for one another as they pursue what God has created them to do. And they understand that they can achieve their dreams and do anything they set their minds to. They realize that nothing can get in the way of them making a difference in this world... a realization few get such a clear grasp on.

Christina and Ali are two of a kind. Some may view them as just two sisters who both share a disease, but Christina and Ali know that it is not the CF that defines them; they define themselves.

"Cystic Fibrosis doesn't define who we are; We define ourselves." - Ali Christensen

Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing, Baby... Christina proving to the world who she is NOT
Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing, Baby... Christina proving to the world who she is NOT
The REAL Christina... or is it???
The REAL Christina... or is it???

Will The Real Christina Please Stand Up?

As a result of the increased attention that Christina and Ali have gotten through their journey on AGT, you can imagine just as with any celebrity sensation, there are those who either want to steal Christina and Ali's thunder or want to hurt the two giving a false impression/image of who they are. Whether it is due to jealousy, envy, or other factors that enable people to behave the way they choose to behave, I do not know, because I cannot read the minds/hearts of others. What I do know is that there must be a lack of identity for someone to have any desire to take on the identity of someone else, which is a sad thing.

The above picture shows Christina giving witness that the Facebook profile called, "Christina Christensen Approved" is NOT the real Christina. Sadly, whoever it is has copied statuses, invaded privacy by using her personal photos for wrong motives (including the pictures of Christina on the right ), and has even posted statuses that were not ever the words of Christina Christensen, giving off a false image of who she is. This was first happening before the AGT competition was finished, and this was not the only page that was created. MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook all had and may still have false accounts for Christina, Ali, as well as their mother, and the statuses were obviously trying to hurt the two by making them out to be stuck on themselves, and telling others to "vote" for them, which according to their contract with AGT could not have legally occurred. So, I ask, "Will the real Christina please stand up?" She definitely has stood up, but some of these false pages still exist, so use discernment when accepting a friend request or adding a friend who may not be the real one. I will include links at the end of this article to Christina & Ali's official pages. All others, expect to be deceived.

"Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves. You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act" - Matthew 7:15, 16

Ali & Christina Christensen with their father, Roger
Ali & Christina Christensen with their father, Roger

A Bright Future

Christina Christensen is destined to be great. No matter what she decides she wants to do in life, I have all faith and confidence that she will achieve it. I am encouraged that her experience on America's Got Talent with her sister, Ali, has only firmly set the bricks to a strong foundation of a bright future for the two. And if I created a list of things I want to see others achieve before I pass away, one of those things on my list would be to see Christina reach her dream to be on stage with Selena Gomez and to become the singer/actress she would like to be on The Disney Channel. I know without a doubt that it is a dream within reach for her, and I'm excited for her and for Ali because I know many more blessings will be coming their way. Ultimately I wish only the greatest desires of Christina & Ali's hearts to be made manifest in their lives, so that they may continue to touch the lives of others as they have touched mine.

- Sevy [Ryan Severns]


MAF has a mission to open the eyes & ears of all people to some great music, even if it is outside of the box of favorites. Many times, we close off our minds to certain styles of music, certain time periods of music, and/or certain artists for whatever reason we provide, but this limits the experience that music can and will provide for us. If we can think outside of the box, so to speak, to allow ourselves to gain something from all types of music, from all time periods, and from any artists, we may be able to have a positive experience that would never have occurred without first being open to it. This does not mean that you should give up on what you believe in or not have your own musical preferences, but to simply allow yourself to experience new sounds & sights that may open you up to a more fulfilling musical experience. In turn, this will enhance your overall life experience, helping you to grow and discover things in life you may not have ever experienced otherwise.

I believe this issue of MAF is proof of what positive experiences we may experience by opening our eyes & ears to music we may not have listened to otherwise. Christina Lee's music & life has touched my life dramatically, and I hope you gain something positive from it as well.

- Sevy [Ryan Severns, AKA SevDiggity]

(Please refer to:

"MAF: Volume 1 - The Kinks"

for more information on the origins of Music Appreciation Fest)

Christina Lee's GRAFFITI Wall - Volume 4 Music Appreciate Fest

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    • SevDiggity profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Hartville, Ohio

      Nina, it is my pleasure being your friend, and I can't wait to meet you in person either! You are wonderful.

      Love, your buddy, Ryan

    • profile image 

      8 years ago

      Ryan, I love the article!!! So nice of you. I have made many friends along this Journey and I dont think I have met anyone as nice as you. You really are a great friend and I cant wait to meet you personally.

      Love your friend, NINA


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