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Music Industry: Slicethepie V3 & Sister Site Soundout

Updated on September 4, 2012
Get paid to review music.
Get paid to review music. | Source

Earn Money Reviewing Music

Slicethepie is a music industry consumer analytics and music financing website that started in 2007. The first version of the website saw fans buying 'backstage passes' in an artist or band which entitled them to a free download of their upcoming album (financed by the Backstage Pass funds) plus free shares/contracts which entitled fans to a share of the album's sales revenue. The Alps became the first band to release an album through Slicethepie, which was titled Something I Might Regret. The album was fully financed within just a few short days.

In addition, Slicethepie boasted the world's only music stock exchange where fans and investors could trade in and out of their contracts and potentially make some profit depending upon the expected success of albums they had invested in. Eventually, Slicethepie wanted to expand to a larger audience but had to stop the trading aspect of their website due to the legal implications in order to do so. The trading exchange no longer exists. Despite the stock exchange being removed artists could still offer a share of their revenue at their own discretion up until the implementation of Slicethepie V3. Many people argue that Slicethepie V2 was the best and many have not really given version three the chance it deserves. Version 2 boasted the same features as version 1 except 'backstage passes' had been removed and replaced with a simple invest (or pre-order) button and the user interface had everything you need under one simple control panel.

Toward the endtimes of Slicethepie V2 the company announced several partnerships and had already installed their consumer analytics and research sister site called Soundout which works in conjunction with Slicethepie. Not only were the reviewers (scouts) at Slicethepie reviewing and rating upcoming music from unsigned and independent artists, they were also being asked to review and rate music anonymously for labels, broadcasters and publishers via Soundout. Whereas Slicethepie V2 was working as a music filtering and fan-funding platform it's sister site Soundout was using it as a music analytics service to feed consumer analysis to the music industry. Effectively, funds were being drawn in by providing analytics for signed music and those funds were then being fed to reviewers or scouts who could then invest them in unsigned music. The commercial music industry was being used to finance the independent music industry.

Eventually, Slicethepie teamed up with Pledge Music to take care of the funding aspect of their website so that they could focus more on the consumer analytics service Soundout which was rapidly gaining momentum.

Just before the turn of 2012 Slicethepie had another overhaul to version three of their website. The entire system has been extremely simplified though first appearances can be deceiving. Slicethepie have a base payment system of just $0.03c and $0.05c for being ranked either a Gold or Platinum reviewer (you do not have to be in US). You also start at bronze (I think) then slowly work your way up. What you don't see immediately is the fact that for each review you submit you earn another small cash bonus depending on the length and quality of your review. In addition, anonymous tracks being fed to the site via Soundout offer a $0.10c bonus on top of your base pay and bonus therefore it's actually possible to earn up to $0.26c per review.

All that exists at Slicethepie now for music fans is the ability to get paid to review both signed and unsigned music and add artists to a playlist so it can be listened to at any point in the future. Ultimately fans are deciding who receives airplay on Slicethepie's own station Tomorrow's Hits Today plus a fundraising deal with Slicethepie and Pledge Music and deals involving all the other partnerships Slicethepie has including Reverb Nation. Artists could also receive synch deals and are represented to up to eighty american record labels.



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    • watergeek profile image

      Susette Horspool 

      7 years ago from Pasadena CA

      Had no idea this was going on. I'll have to look into it.


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